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Can I get rid of the vertebral artery syndrome?

Syndrome of the vertebral artery is athe whole symptom complex that arises from the compression of the vertebral artery and the directly sympathetic plexus that surrounds it. At the moment, this kind of problem among the planet's population is quite common. In this article, we will examine how the treatment of vertebral artery syndrome is treated, determine the factors that affect its occurrence, and also indicate the main symptoms. In general, we note that today there are many ways to treat this ailment.

of the syndrome of the vertebral artery

Syndrome of the vertebral artery. Causes

Among them are:

  • atypical withdrawal of the vertebral artery from the subclavian;
  • various inflammatory processes;
  • degenerative-dystrophic disorders directly in the cervical spine (for example, various hernias, osteochondrosis, osteophytes, etc.);
  • anomalies in the structure of the joints.

Primary symptoms

Before proceeding to the question of howtreatment of the vertebral artery, consider the main factors signaling the occurrence of the problem. So, patients first of all start complaining about rather strong and regular headaches, and such painful sensations are amplified by walking or abrupt change of position of the body. In addition, visual impairment is another symptom that signals the presence of a vertebral artery syndrome. So, some people regularly feel the shroud before their eyes or discomfort in the eyeballs themselves. In the presence of concomitant cardiac pathologies (hypertension, ischemia, etc.), patients often complain of cardiological manifestations of the problem. This is both discomfort in the area behind the chest, and episodes of a sudden increase in pressure.

vertebral artery syndrome
Syndrome of the vertebral artery. Diagnostics

When all of the above symptoms appearpatients are encouraged to immediately seek help from a specialist. Doctors, in turn, must necessarily check the state of health, appointing a number of necessary examinations, and only then prescribe appropriate therapy. Note that the treatment of vertebral artery syndrome entirely depends on the underlying cause that caused it. If a patient is suspected of impairing blood circulation, the patient is usually hospitalized urgently.

Treatment of vertebral artery syndrome

Causes of vertebral artery syndrome

Most experts nominate practicallypermanent wearing for preventive purposes of a special orthopedic corset (otherwise it is called the collar of Shantz). Thanks to it, the load on the cervical spine significantly decreases. In addition, physiotherapeutic procedures (electrophoresis, phonophoresis, magnetotherapy and some other methods) are also considered an excellent option. In some cases, the patient is helped by a special therapeutic and recreational physical culture. However, the exercises should be selected exclusively by a qualified specialist (not independently). Be healthy!

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