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The nipple in a man aches: possible causes, treatment. Why do nipples hurt men?

Problems with painful sensations in the chest more oftenwomen experience. But men did not escape this problem. Discomfort is often associated with nipples. So why does the nipple hurt men? To answer this question, you need to know the main causes of discomfort.

Why do men need nipples?

Why did nature give the male nipples? After all, he does not need to feed the child. It's all about the intrauterine development of the embryo. During pregnancy, before 8 weeks, the fetus has no sexual characteristics. This is the reason for the presence of nipples and the rudiment of mammary glands in men. In newborn boys and girls, there is no difference in the structure of the mammary glands.

sore nipple in men

It is inherent in nature that in the adolescent periodthe fair sex grows mammary glands, and the breast is formed. With hormonal imbalance in boys at adolescence, itching and sore nipples. The reason for this is an excess of female hormones, under the influence of which the enlargement of the mammary glands begins, therefore the nipple in men is sore. If there is no hardening in the glands and pus during palpation, then treatment is not prescribed. The diagnosis of such symptoms is teenage gynecomastia. Most often it ends without consequences.

Men's breasts mainly consist ofblood vessels and ducts. The nipples are hypersensitive, because of this they react to cold, touch. In men, mammary glands change under the influence of hormones. All diseases are easier than women, except for cancer.

Why does pain arise?

Why do the nipples hurt men? This may be due to both the age-related restructuring of the organism and serious men's diseases, among which:

  • Breast cancer. Rare disease in males. The first signs: pain in the nipples, redness, wrinkling. Appear thickening, which are felt when palpation. The faster the treatment, the better the results.
  • Diabetes. Disease associated with disorders in the endocrine system. The body lacks insulin. The disease is incurable, but can be controlled with medications.
  • Gynecomastia. Violations in the endocrine system of men. For the disease is characterized by an increase in mammary glands, pain. Surgical methods of treatment are used, hormonal therapy is possible.
  • Infectious inflammatory diseases. The disease is similar to female mastitis, there is a purulent discharge from the nipples, hardening, acute pain.
    why nipples hurt men

Increased nipples in men

Large nipples in men can be regarded aspathology in adrenal tumors, pituitary gland, dystrophy, liver cirrhosis, bronchial cancer. Also, pathologies include testicular tumors, hypothyroidism, Klinefelter's syndrome, Reifenstein's syndrome, testicular feminization. Another factor can be long-term use of drugs and hormonal disorders.

Types of gynecomastia

Physiological gynecomastia is manifested inolder men. The increased nipples they have because of lack of sexual function, lowering the level of male sex hormone (testosterone), while the level of estrogen remains the same.

Symptomatic gynecomastia occurs due todisorders of the kidneys, testicles, liver, endocrine system and other diseases. It can appear after applying BAD, antibiotics, antidepressants, anabolic drugs. Abuse of alcohol and drugs contributes to the development of the disease.

sore right nipple male

If a man hurts under the nipple,consult a doctor. False gynecomastia is associated with an active increase in adipose tissue, so it occurs in men who are obese. False gynecomastia can be one-sided. If the right nipple hurts, the man should understand that the ailment develops on the right side. But you need to feel both breasts. If the left nipple hurts in men, the disease arose on the left side.

Breast reduction is done with liposuction. This procedure is recommended for young men without signs of an increase in the nipple.

Painful nipples in men with gynecomastia

The mammary glands are enlarged due to the proliferation of connective tissue and ducts, so the nipple in men is sore. Usually this happens against the background of hormonal instability.

Gynecomastia can be nodular and diffuse. At the last one or both mammary glands increases. When palpation, hardening is felt, which is always painful. They are under the nipples, which increases their soreness. As a result, the nipple hurts in men.

the left nipple hurts in men

Nodular gynecomastia is a largenode in the mammary gland. He hurts and he is mobile - this is what distinguishes him from breast cancer. For the correct treatment of the patient should examine the specialist: mammologist or endocrinologist. A mammologist will help to identify mastopathy. In men, it is treated with physiotherapy and medicines.

Breast cancer of the nipple

This disease usually occurs in men after60 years. The disease is rare, develops gradually, is difficult to diagnose in the early stages. The first sign is peeling and itching of the skin of the nipple and areola. There are redness, swelling, erosion. The ducts located close to the nipple are affected. From it there are secretions, sometimes bloody.

As the disease develops, the pain becomes verystrong. The axillary lymph nodes may increase. A feature of Paget's cancer in men is the rapid growth of the gland tissues and its spread around. Diagnosis of the disease can only be by ultrasound, histology, magnetic resonance imaging. Treatment of Paget's disease is carried out in the oncology center, with observance of all the rules for cancer (chemotherapy and radiation therapy).

a man hurts under the nipple

The reasons why nipples hurt men, maybea lot of. They though have an increased sensitivity, but should not be sick. At the first unpleasant sensations it is necessary to address at once to the doctor. Particular attention to their health should be given to men of advanced age. This is abnormal when the nipple is sore for men. At the initial stages almost all types of cancer can be cured.

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