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Skin diseases. How to treat couperose on face and body

Kuperoz is a skin disease in the form ofnumerous reddish rashes. In order not to have to treat the disease at certain stages, it is better to warn him in advance. If you are hypersensitive to these diseases, you need proper skin care. But first, let's clarify what not to do to prevent the possible emergence of couperose.

How to prevent couperose on the face and other parts of the body

  • Do not eat too spicy food or add extra sharp spices. Moderate consume alcohol, especially red wine.
  • Do not use cosmetics based on alcohol or acetone. Do not use scrubs containing abrasives.
  • Do not use chemicals, laser skin resurfacing, vacuum cleaning of the face. Practice therapeutic plastic massage.
  • Do not subject yourself to temperature extremes: if you visit a sauna or wash under a hot shower, do inhalation of the skin for a couple or apply thermal masks, do it moderately.
  • In order not to provoke a couperose on the face or elsewhere on the body, do not overexert yourself when doing power sports.
  • Do not stay in the direct sun for too long. In the summer, put on the skin protective equipment, a solarium at this time, too, should not be visited.
  • Try not to smoke. This habit is the first step to couperose.
  • Do not expose the skin to extreme cold and weathering.

How can you prevent kuperoz on the nose, on the skin

To minimize the risk of the appearance of couperose, it is enough to fulfill a few simple prescriptions, namely:

  • Decide on the type of skin. For sensitive skin, use drugs labeled "hypo". If there is a couperose on the face, treatment at home is an important preventive component. Strengthening the walls of the vessels is necessary for proper treatment. To do this, anti-cupper medicines are used based on the extract of green tea, grape seeds, blueberries, certain vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Do not overdo it with creams. Moistening of the skin should not allow its peeling and shrinking. If you are using medicines and care creams, you first need to wait for the effects of these drugs, and then apply cosmetic creams, moisturizing the skin.
  • In frosty days, protect the skin by applying moisturizing tonal products and nourish the skin with viscous and dense cream.
  • Do not forget to apply on the skin means that reduce the effects of sunlight, regardless of the pores of the year. In summer, in the peak of solar activity, try to stay in closed shaded areas.
  • Eat so that the composition of food included C, P, E, K vitamins. Use supplements that strengthen the vascular system and tone the veins.
  • If couperose on the face or on other parts of the bodynot yet progressing, it is necessary to train the vessels. Bathing under a contrast shower and rubbing the damaged areas with ice and plant extracts is an excellent prevention.

Vitamin treatment

To cure a certain disease,it does not matter if it's cancer or couperose on your face, you need an integrated approach. To prevent many diseases, including couperose, use vitamin therapy. Such vitamins as C, K, P in complex use give an excellent healing effect. Let's consider their action in more detail.

Vitamin C - narrows vessels, synthesizes procollagen - the basis for strengthening capillaries of collagen.

Vitamin K - participates in the compaction of blood vessels, reduces their permeability.

Vitamin R - includes flavonoids - substances to reduce the fragility of the blood capillaries. The effect is enhanced by simultaneous intake with vitamin C

Remember (this refers to any disease), it is easier to prevent the disease than to treat it, spending a lot of money and effort.

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