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Signs of pneumonia

Pneumonia or pneumonia is one ofcommon diseases of the respiratory system, both in adults and in children. This is a serious enough disease that requires proper care and mandatory timely treatment. In this article, the main causes of this disease, symptoms and signs will be considered.

To begin with it is necessary to say that pneumonia is of an infectious nature. In the process of infection, lung damage occurs, if more accurately, the alveoli.

The causative agents of the disease are all kindspathogenic bacteria. There is also an allergic form of the disease, which is called pneumonitis. In order to assign the right treatment, it is important to determine exactly what and which pathogen is caused by pneumonia. It is not so difficult to do this because the symptoms, as well as the development of the disease, can be of an excellent nature for different sources of infection. Also, the level of risk for a patient varies.

In any case, this is quite heavya disease that is infectious. It should be remembered that untimely treatment or wrong approach can lead to very serious consequences, even to death. Even the smallest suspicion of this disease should be addressed to a doctor. And for this you need to know the main signs of pneumonia. The difficulty in determining the disease is that it has similar symptoms with common colds and bronchitis. In order not to be mistaken, it is necessary to be able to determine the signs of pneumonia, and not a similar disease.

The most basic symptom is shortness of breath. It usually occurs because of severe lung damage. Due to the general intoxication of the body during the period of illness, the body temperature rises significantly. A distinctive feature of the common cold is its higher performance, and it is much more difficult to knock it down. Often, such a disease accompanies a cough with simultaneous separation of sputum. It has a characteristic rusty color, which is also a symptom of this disease. Often a patient can complain of chest pain.

Symptoms of pneumonia in adults and childrenalmost the same. And the importance of the ability to recognize this disease is worth stopping attention once again, because the consequences can really be severe.

When the illness is established, the patient is immediately placed in the hospital, where he receives medical care. As a rule, in the first place, antibiotics are given, their kind depends on the causative agent of the disease.

Despite the fact that pneumonia signs in children andadults has almost the same, to determine it in children is much more difficult. The reason is that not every doctor can hear a child with characteristic wheezing. More often the diagnosis is made on the basis of external signs: pallor of the skin, shortness of breath, fast fatigue, sweating.

All of the above signs of pneumonia onlysuperficial, more accurate diagnosis can be made only on the basis of certain clinical and radiological studies. In fact, X-ray is the most reliable method of diagnosing the disease.

Duration of treatment is determined strictly individually, it all depends on the pathogen and the degree of complexity. Complete recovery occurs mostly in three or four weeks

Everything is clear with what signs of pneumoniaexist and how they are determined. Now a little attention should be paid to the prevention of this disease. Both for adults and for children, prevention consists in observing personal hygiene, hardening. It is necessary to maintain a balanced, rational diet, it is recommended to exercise. All this is a guarantee of health!

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