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Any symptom of hepatitis is an immediate reason to see a doctor

Hepatitis is called infectious inflammationliver, caused by a specific virus. There are three main forms of this disease: hepatitis A, B and C. Each form of hepatitis has its own characteristics of infection, the course of the disease and the ways of treatment.

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Hepatitis A

This is perhaps the easiest form of ailment. Hepatitis A does not cause chronic liver disease, but nevertheless can lead to death. The disease is transmitted through unwashed hands, dishes, vegetables and fruits. To prevent the disease must strictly adhere to the rules of personal hygiene: wash your hands after going to the toilet and before eating, as well as boil water, and before eating vegetables and fruits, water them with boiling water.

Hepatitis B

This type of disease is much more dangerous than the previous one. With this form, the probability of developing chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver is high, it is about ten percent. Hepatitis B is transmitted through the blood and other body fluids. Infect this disease can be with unprotected sexual intercourse, with blood transfusion and using one injection needle. At present, getting infected with hepatitis through the blood transfusion station is almost impossible. All donated blood undergoes the strictest control. In the risk zone, as a rule, are drug addicts and people leading a promiscuous sexual life.

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is the most complex forma disease in which the risk of transition of the disease to cirrhosis or chronic form is very high. The virus is transmitted mainly through the blood. The disease for a long time may be in a latent form, not behaving in any way. Once again it should be noted that hepatitis C is very dangerous, the symptoms (the photo is presented in the article) which will be described below. At present, special tests have been developed that detect the disease at an early stage, even passing asymptomatically.

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Hepatitis of the liver: symptoms of the disease

Quite often, hepatitis A and B manifest themselvesalmost the same. In the beginning, the disease can be confused with the flu. The first symptom of hepatitis is an increase in body temperature to 39 degrees. At the same time, the temperature is very difficult to bring down. The second symptom of hepatitis is acute pain under the right rib and a significant increase in the liver. This sign already more clearly indicates the possibility of the presence of a dangerous virus in the body. But very often this pain is written off to the consequences of eating heavy and fatty foods. The third symptom of hepatitis is white feces and very dark urine. And if the first two signs are not obvious, then the presence of a third should force a person to immediately consult a doctor. And, finally, the fourth symptom of hepatitis: yellowing of the eyes and skin proteins. However, this manifestation may not be characteristic of hepatitis C.

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Treatment of disease and prevention

Treatment of hepatitis is very long and difficult. The patient is prescribed strong toxic preparations, which, probably, more than the virus itself, have a detrimental effect on the liver. Man is very long after the illness is restored. During the disease, and after it, you need to eat right, completely eliminating from the diet of heavy and fatty foods. There are more cereals, fruits and vegetables. Protect yourself from hepatitis B by vaccination.

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