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"Quix" for children: reviews. "Quix": instructions for use, price

Runny nose and nasal congestion are inevitablesymptoms of any catarrhal disease or seasonal allergies to flowering herbs. Everyone felt this condition on themselves, and more than once, therefore, it is not necessary to talk about how much it irritates and what inconvenience this symptom of the disease brings. Usually drops with nasal congestion, which people are accustomed to using in the common cold, are not struggling with the cause of its occurrence (change in the mucosa), but with consequences, narrowing the vessels and removing the swelling caused by the inflammatory process.

kwiks for children reviews

It is especially difficult to fight this disease insmall children, because there are very few drugs permitted for use, starting from the first months of life. Quite often for the removal of symptoms and treatment of the common cold, Kvix drops are used for children. Reviews about this medicine are very good, and therefore more people prefer it to him.

General description of the preparation

Drops "Quicks" are hypertensivea solution based on the water of the Atlantic Ocean, in which the salt content reaches 2.6%. The drug has a local anti-edematous effect due to a change in the concentrations of so-called osmotic pressure. In other words, all the excess liquid of the mucosa moves from the sinuses to the nasal cavity, and the puffiness decreases, thereby facilitating breathing. At the same time, after application of the drug, mucolytic action is observed with a pronounced effusion of the tissue fluid and excretion of mucus along with microbes and allergic particles.

Quickside analog is cheap

Included in the composition of trace elements and minerals normalize the metabolic processes of the mucosa, bringing its state in order, and the hypertonic solution suppresses local inflammatory processes.

Frequently prescribed drops "Kvix" for children, reviewswhich are so good, are actually aimed at treating the causes of nasal congestion and are called upon to restore the physiological functions of the nasal sinuses, increasing immune defenses. In this case, the medicine consists only of oceanic water, which contains the most optimal percentage of salts and trace elements such as gold, silver, copper and manganese.

Indication and form of release

A solution of "Kvix" is a drop in case of stuffinessnose, which are prescribed for the treatment of diseases such as acute and chronic rhinitis infectious, bacterial and allergic, rhinosinusitis. In addition, the drug can be used for prophylaxis during the flu epidemic or to avoid drying out of the mucous membrane with insufficient humidity.

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How correctly to speak: a spray or drops "Kvix"? The instruction for use in the section "Form of release" contains the term "spray", but often both doctors and patients call this medicine a drop. In principle, there is no significant difference, although, of course, spraying the solution is much more convenient. So with a single push on the bottle the entire nasal passage is irrigated with a remedy, which allows you to fight bacteria on the entire surface of the mucosa.


This remedy is allowed to be used in the treatment of patients of all age groups, including infants of three months of age.

The recommended doses specified in the instructions are:

  • children 1-2 irrigation in each nasal passage 2-3 times a day;
  • adults can do up to 3 irrigation in each nasal passage also 2-3 times a day.

If necessary, the drug can beuse more often. The course of therapy can be very long, the drug is not addictive, completely safe for health and has no side effects. The only contraindication to taking is individual intolerance to the drug.

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Spray "Kvix" during pregnancy

Every woman is waiting for the baby firstthinks about the safety of taking this or that drug. Since only oceanic and purified water is a part of the drops "Kvix", the use of this drug during pregnancy is absolutely safe. This medicine will be a real salvation for future mothers, as it not only fights the cause of the disease, but also relieves symptoms, making breathing easier. In addition, if you use the "Kvix" spray for prophylaxis during the epidemic period, you can protect yourself from infection with the flu or ARVI.

special instructions

Frequently used drops "Kvix" for children,reviews that characterize this remedy as a great way to get rid of the common cold, due to the fact that they improve local protection, will allow to minimize seasonal allergic manifestations in patients of any age. Spraying the solution twice a day during the flowering of ragweed or other plants, you can get rid of the need to drink antihistamines.

It should be remembered that after opening the vial the contents can be used for half a year, then the medicine loses its healing properties.

Reviews about drops

What is so good about pediatric spray"Quix" for children? Reviews of parents whose children were given this drug say that in a short period of time it was possible to normalize the mucous membrane of the child's nose and not only temporarily relieve symptoms of stuffiness, but completely get rid of it. And those who used this drug for preventive purposes, assure that it was possible to reduce the risk of the disease during the epidemic in kindergartens and schools.

Reviews about the treatment of cold in adults also have a positive nature. Patients quickly become blocked and nasal breathing is restored.

Cost of preparation

Nowadays, the economy is in the first place. But is it worth joking with health? It is clear that in families with toddlers, the problem of lack of money is particularly acute today, and if the child is sick, then going to the pharmacy will simply devastate the wallet. When the "Kvix" spray is prescribed for children, the price is an important factor. The cost of the drug is 300-400 rubles, depending on the region and the pharmacy network, and someone may seem too high. However, he bribes with his efficiency and therefore has such an incentive among doctors and young mothers.

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Drug analogues

Is there an analogue of "Quicks" cheap? The only drug that can be a worthy replacement is the "Aquamaris" spray. The composition of this product is the purified water of the Adriatic Sea, which in principle is similar in composition to the oceanic. This drug is available in the form of drops and spray, which makes it possible to choose a more acceptable option for the child. The method of reception is the same: 1-2 sprays or drops in each nasal passage 1-2 times a day. Contraindication is only sensitivity to the drug, side effects, overdose or addictive is not and in principle can not be.

Which of the drugs is better - the spray "Aquamaris" orQuicks? Unequivocally this question can not be answered. Each of them copes well with the task. It is necessary to proceed from the one which is more suitable for the child, or from the cost.

Spray "Renorin" also refers to analoguespreparation "Kvix". The only difference is that this drug has not a natural, but a chemical composition. Active components are sodium and potassium chloride. This medicine is used to moisten the nasal mucosa. Dosage can be unlimited, so the spray is well suited for soaking dried crusts in the nasal passages.

aquamaris or quicks

If you compare the drugs "Kvix" and "Renorin"the first will be definitely better, although these funds are in the same price category. First of all, because there is a natural composition with the content of useful natural micronutrients.

The analogue of "Quix" is cheap - the drug "No-salt". However, it is intended only for washing and moisturizing the nasal mucosa before using other medications.

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Interaction with other drugs

The drug "Kvix" does not have any crossreactions at simultaneous application with other preparations, therefore it without fears can be used in complex therapy. After irrigation of the nasal cavity in a few minutes, you can dig in other drops and not be afraid that a combination of drugs will cause chemical reactions that will have a negative effect on the mucosa.

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