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How to recognize the first signs of meningitis in a child

The most terrible disease among acquired ailments in children is considered to be meningococcal infection, the consequences of which can turn out to be really sad.

the first signs of meningitis in a child
Accordingly, the most important thing is to manage on timeto recognize the first signs of meningitis in a child, in order to prevent the most terrible outcomes of a diagnosis. Such a disease is an inflammation of the membranes of the spinal cord and the brain, the cells themselves are not damaged, and the inflammatory process occurs from the outside. Before to name the basic signs of a meningitis, it is necessary to pay attention to the reasons which can cause this illness in an organism. The causative agents that contribute to the appearance of this disease in the body are viruses, bacteria and fungi. In this case, susceptibility to meningitis is caused, as a rule, not by age, but by the state of the organism, in particular its immune system. Thus, the first signs of meningitis in a child can be found in the event that there are different neurological defects. And also if there is damage to the back or head.

Usually, detection of an infection of this type in the body does not cause difficulties, since the signs of meningitis in the baby and in the adult are very acute.

the main signs of meningitis
First of all it is fever, increasedtemperature and chills. In addition, most patients, especially when it comes to babies, there is a so-called hemorrhagic rash, and it can be diagnosed already from the first days of the disease.

However, in addition to the meningococcal type of thisailment, there is also pneumococcal, which is usually preceded by sinusitis, otitis media or pneumonia. In this case, the first signs of meningitis in a child are diagnosed much later and can act even as a single disease, rather than as a result of a neglected one. Nevertheless, even with early hospitalization, the infection will manifest itself quickly enough, expressed in convulsions, mental disorders, fever, and also in various symptoms typical of common cold infections.

signs of meningitis in infants
Particular difficulty can also be caused byuntreated viral diseases, when the first signs of meningitis in a child are drowned in a dose of antibiotics that is insufficient to heal. Then it makes sense to talk about the so-called two-wave disease, the outcomes of which are often lethal. In some cases, despite a severe headache, the meningic symptoms themselves manifest themselves very moderately, as a result, the diagnosis of the condition becomes very difficult. Speaking about the signs of this ailment, do not forget about the so-called reactive course of the disease, the form of which has a very rapid course and development. The resulting swelling of the cerebral casing causes a coma and a lethal outcome. But it is not necessary to panic, because the treatment started in time even in a baby can provide a positive dynamics.

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