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Pressure in children is normal.

The magnitude of blood pressure is affected by the workheart and tone of the arteries, so it can vary depending on the intensity of physical and emotional loads and, of course, diseases. If the blood pressure changes under the influence of these causes, then over time it will return to normal. Dangerous can be a situation where a violation of blood pressure occurs, it would seem, for no apparent reason, for several months. Especially serious consequences such a persistent change in blood pressure can threaten children.

To begin with, it is worthwhile to understand what is normalblood pressure in children. The norm depends on the age of the child. It can be determined using the following approximate calculations. Adding to the doubled age of the child a value ranging from 80 to 90, we get the upper limit of blood pressure. The lower limit is approximately two thirds of the top. These calculations are approximate. Doctors use special tables that take into account allowable pressure fluctuations for each age. Therefore, the question of what kind of normal pressure in children, it is necessary to decide, taking into account all the individual characteristics of each child.

Blood pressure is important to be able to measure correctly. First of all, if the child has just played mobile games, let him calm down. Physical stress and strong emotions activate the work of the heart, therefore, by measuring the pressure in this state, you can get increased performance. It does not matter whether the child is sitting or lying during the pressure measurement, the main thing is that all subsequent measurements are carried out in the same position. The correct size of the cuff of the tonometer is very important, otherwise errors in measurement are inevitable. If its width is more than 2/3 the length of the shoulder, even normal blood pressure in children can be incorrectly shown on the device.

The procedure for measuring pressure is not differentfrom the same procedure in adults, but with very young children may have difficulties, because they can not stay in a stationary state for a long time.

How is pressure disturbed in children? The norm in childhood is often slightly exceeded. An increase in blood pressure is called hypertension. Usually this phenomenon is observed in children suffering from excess weight, prone to obesity. The consequences of prolonged pressure increase, even if it does not exceed the norm, are negative, since changes in the vessels and heart occur. Vessels begin to narrow, and, consequently, the flow of blood to the tissues decreases. Then the walls of the vessels thicken, and this is an irreversible process. All this leads to a disruption in the supply of tissues, and the narrowing of the vessels leads to a new coil of pressure increase. The heart is forced to work almost at the limit of its capabilities, in order to maintain the process of feeding tissues. As a result, the heart muscle increases and the supply of blood becomes inadequate. With the passage of time, all these processes can lead to the development of heart failure. Other serious consequences of hypertension can be kidney and liver diseases.

Hypertension can be primary, and alsosecondary, i.e. caused by other diseases. They are treated differently, so it is very important to conduct a full range of necessary examinations in order to determine correctly why pressure is increased. In children, the norm, depending on the age, can fluctuate within 80/50 (in infants) to 110/70 (in adolescents).

Reduction of blood pressure in childrenis less common. Usually this happens after a serious illness and manifests itself with the following symptoms: permanent general weakness and fatigue, headache, sweating during exercise. Children hardly get up after a night's sleep, and even a syncope can occur with a sharp rise from a horizontal position to a vertical one. In such cases, it is necessary, first of all, to conduct a thorough examination of the child in order to exclude heart disease. But what if there are no serious diseases, and yet there are symptoms caused by the reduced pressure in children? The norm can be achieved if you drink one cup of coffee in the morning (of course, this advice applies only to older children). Toughening procedures and a gradual increase in physical activity will also help.

Drug therapy for hypotension, as with hypertension, can be properly prescribed only by a doctor.

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