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High blood pressure - know to warn!

High blood pressure is a scourge of people of the twentieth century. Unfortunately, in the world every fifteen minutes one person dies from hypertension (this is how scientific pressure is called), and almost all people of old age suffer from it.

High blood pressure symptoms cannot immediately. Even at a young age, people often do not notice weak signs of increasing blood pressure and write it off for fatigue, short-term stress, and time spent turbulent. But it is the wrong way of life that often causes the increase in blood pressure in the future. Symptoms of increasing blood pressure is important to know before the onset of the disease, in time to turn to the doctors and help your body cope with this ailment. So, the first signs of high blood pressure are dizziness, pain in the heart, nausea, weakness, vision and hearing loss.

Already with the appearance of these symptoms issuggest high blood pressure, and ideally you need to visit a cardiologist and conduct a complete examination. In order for the survey to be objective, it will take two days for a qualitative diagnosis. Unfortunately, not all clinics boast of the opportunity to conduct such studies, so sometimes one has to resort to the services of a private institution. The first thing that physicians do is to take pressure indicators and electrocardiograms within 24 hours. At the same time, a doctor should be near the patient who can notice abnormalities in time and correctly qualify them. From the correct diagnosis, ninety percent of success in treating the disease depends.

The peculiarity of the disease lies in the fact thathigh blood pressure keeps so stable, only occasionally coming back to normal. This situation is directly opposite to the process that is conceived by nature. In a normal person, the pressure rises only in a state of stress. High blood pressure is a kind of protective reaction that causes a person in an unconventional situation to accumulate all their strengths and resist stress. Otherwise, people would not have survived. However, this increase in pressure is fully justified - it quickly normalizes when the situation returns to normal and the irritant is eliminated. But stably increased pressure does not lead to positive results. This means that the pressure level does not correspond to the load received at a certain time. But even without stress, in a state of sleep, the body can not get rid of increased blood pressure, so this situation is especially dangerous for humans.

Sometimes high blood pressure can bea secondary phenomenon that does not appear in itself, but as a complication of some pathology. For example, doctors diagnose hypertension in people with kidney disease, thyroid disease and so on.

The special danger of hypertension is thatit can cause a stroke and myocardial infarction. In this situation, a person can die or remain disabled. But even if the symptoms of hypertension are withdrawn by drugs, it is worth remembering that in this disease the vital organs - the brain, the heart, the vessels, still suffer.

In order to avoid any possibilitygetting caught on the hook of this insidious disease, it is necessary to avoid risk factors that significantly increase the possibility of high blood pressure. These factors include elevated cholesterol, smoking, stress, diabetes, overweight, sedentary lifestyle. These factors can be eliminated by the individual.

Unfortunately, a person does not have power over allcauses of hypertension. Therefore, in order to prevent, it is worth to be examined every year, beginning with forty-five years, and especially if someone in the family has this disease. After all, high blood pressure, whose treatment is started as early as possible, is much easier to eliminate than a neglected disease.

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