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Haemostatic drug "Dicinon". Pills. Instructions for use

"Dicinone" tablets instructions for use characterize as a haemostatic drug with hemostatic effect.

The drug in any case can not be used for self-treatment. In order to avoid the dire consequences, the Dicycin preparation can be used only as directed by the doctor.

The medicine "Dicinon" has an effect oncardiovascular system, being an antihemorrhagic agent. Stimulating the formation of tissue thromboplastin drug is able to increase the rate of formation of the primary thrombus.

The drug begins its operation two hours after application. The duration of its action is from four to six hours.

The drug is available in the form of tablets (tablets are packed in blisters) and solution for injection. It is used for the prevention and treatment of various capillary bleedings.

To the use of the drug "Dicinon" tablets the instruction for use gives the following indications:

  • during and after operations in such areas as otorhinolaryngology, gynecology, obstetrics, urology, dentistry, ophthalmology and plastic surgery;
  • with hematuria, metrorrhagia, primary menorrhagia, menorrhagia in women using the IUD;
  • with nasal bleeding and gingival hemorrhage;
  • diabetic microangiopathy;
  • with intracranial hemorrhage in children of the newborn period.

Like any other drug, the drug "Dicinon" contraindications for use also has. From the use of the drug should be discarded in the presence of the patient:

  • acute porphyria
  • hemoblastosis in children
  • thrombosis
  • thromboembolism
  • intolerance of any components of the drug, as well as sodium sulfite.

In addition to the contraindications attached to the preparation "Dicinon" tablets instructions for use contains information on side effects, which should also be considered when prescribing the drug.

  • Headaches, dizziness, paresthesia of the lower extremities.
  • Attacks of nausea and heartburn heaviness in the abdomen
  • allergy
  • lowering of blood pressure.

Dosing and Administration:

Adults prescribe 10-20 milligrams perkilos of weight. The dose should be divided into several doses. In general, a single dose is up to 500 milligrams per day divided by several times. In special cases, a single dose is increased to 750 milligrams, which are also divided into several doses.

If there is a menorrhagia, prescribe a drug"Dicinon" with menstruation. The instruction recommends starting the drug from the fifth day of the proposed menstruation until the fifth day of the next cycle. The daily dose is from 750 to 1000 milligrams.

After the operation, the drug is prescribed for 250-500 milligrams. Admission is recommended every six hours until the risk of bleeding disappears.

Children, if necessary, the drug is prescribed for 10-15 milligrams per kilogram of weight per day. The dose should be divided into several doses.

The use of the drug "Dicinon" during pregnancy is undesirable. However, in exceptional cases, it is allowed, if absolutely necessary, for the treatment of the mother.

Breastfeeding should be discontinued if Dicinon is prescribed during lactation.

Information on the interaction with other drugs of the drug "Dicinon" (tablets) does not contain the instruction for use, because there were no such cases.

Storage of the drug should be provided in a place inaccessible to children.

Use it can be within five months from the date of release indicated on the package. Keep the drug should be in a dry dark place at a temperature of not more than 25 degrees.

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