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Do you see black dots before your eyes?

Perhaps it was with you that before your eyessmall indistinct black spots began to dance. You noticed them when you looked at a light surface or when you read, or saw them against the background of a cloudless sky. In addition, you, for sure, have already made sure that these stains in the eyes can not be considered. With the slightest movement of the eyeballs, the dots in the eyes float and quickly disappear, so that it is impossible to concentrate their attention on them.

What it is?

Where are they located: inside the eyeball or on it? Try the following: blink without moving the eyeballs. The spots have disappeared or changed the direction of their movement - that means they are on the surface of the apple and in this article we will not talk about them.

In the event that nothing has changed, these pointsare located inside the eye in the vitreous. The vitreous humor is a jelly-like transparent mass that fills the cavity of the eyeball. They are located behind the lens, which is why the black dots in front of the eyes look vague. These points can freely move inside the liquid part of the vitreous, which is not much denser than water. That's why, as soon as you decide to consider one of them better, they immediately disappear. In Latin, this phenomenon is called muscae volitantes, which means "flying flies". But why do they fly?

Where do black dots appear before your eyes?

Some specks are echoes of the fact thatoccurred in your body during pre-natal development even before you were born. Tiny particles of fibers and the remains of cells left after the formation of your eye and after the dead artery that fed the fetal lens remain in the eye, and you can observe them.

"Flies" of a different origin arise fromage. Fibrils, the fibers in the vitreous humor become thinner and even burst as the person grows up. In this case, the vitreous body is diluted and the remains of the broken fibers can move freely in it. So be prepared that over the years black dots in front of your eyes you will appear more and more.

These small "wanderers" have one morea source. These are the blood vessels on the retina. Erythrocytes from small vessels due to injury or excessive pressure on the eyeballs can get into the tissues of the eye. But red blood cells can be absorbed back, then black dots in front of the eyes disappear with time. Usually these specks do not pose a danger and you can learn to ignore them. But there are cases when these phenomena signal a serious violation.

When is it dangerous?

If you suddenly noticed that these black dotsand spots before your eyes suddenly became much more, and while you see sparks and flashes of light, it is a signal that your retina is in danger. It is in the retina that light energy is converted into nerve impulses. The probability of detachment of the retina is high!

The retina of our eye resembles in appearance and instrength damp paper napkin. It is attached very delicately and because of the elasticity of the vitreous body to which it adjoins, the retina does not burst even when struck. But in case of trauma, it can partially peel off, and the liquid from the vitreous will penetrate it, while raising the retina even more. This process is sometimes accompanied by a hemorrhage, this causes a sensation of a sudden shower from the moving particles. After detachment of the retina, a turbidity and a veil appear before your eyes.

With these symptoms, an ophthalmologist's consultation is urgently needed, because if there is extensive detachment of the retina, it will be impossible to return the vision!

Everyone who sees black dots in front of his eyes should consult at least once with the oculist to rule out problems with the retina.

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