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Persen Forte is an effective and safe sedative

The life of modern man is connected with permanentpsycho-emotional and physical overload, high risk of stressful situations. All this is not the best way to affect the nervous system. As a result, various neuroses develop, sleep is disturbed, fatigue increases. To combat these phenomena, the pharmaceutical drug Persen is used.

Persen is available in the form of tablets and capsules. The drug in the capsules has a more pronounced effect and is called Persen Forte.

Pharmaceutical preparation Persen Forte belongs to the group of sedatives. Its reception is shown at emotional stresses, mental overloads, disturbance of a dream, the raised irritability.

Particularly attractive for many patients is Persenin that its composition includes only components of plant origin. These are plants that have a pronounced sedative and spasmolytic effect - valerian root extract, melissa leaf extract and peppermint leaf extract. The root of valerian has a pronounced sedative effect. Melissa leaves have a calming and spasmolytic effect. Peppermint removes spasm of smooth muscles. The use of these herbs in the complex gives a good sedative effect, quickly relieves stress, normalizes sleep.

Issued by Persen Forte in soft gelatin capsules that dissolve easily in the stomach when taken internally.

Reception of the drug

The drug is indicated for useadults and children over 12 years. The daily dose is 3-6 capsules. Overdose is possible with a single intake of more than ten capsules of Persen. The drug does not have a toxic effect. There may be weakness, abdominal cramps, dizziness, trembling of the fingers. When examining such a patient, pupillar dilatation, skin moisture, anxiety is determined. This symptomatology of overdose completely disappears during the day. To remove the overdose, the stomach is freed from the remnants of the drug by washing and symptomatic therapy.

With sleep disturbances, poor sleep and insomniaThe reception of one capsule of Percene Forte is shown one hour before bedtime. The effect of the drug is usually not more than a few tens of minutes after ingestion. The duration of taking the drug is determined individually. Since this medicine is not addictive and can be taken for a long time, after withdrawal, withdrawal syndrome does not develop. But, nevertheless, it is not recommended to take it continuously for more than one month.

Overdose and side effects

Persen Forte is contraindicated in case of individualintolerance to individual components of the drug, children under 12 years. Due to the fact that the effect of the drug during pregnancy and lactation is not sufficiently studied, it is recommended at this time to exclude its reception. The appointment of Persen during pregnancy is only permissible if the expected effect of its use is higher than the possible harm to the fetus.

Expressed by side effects of the drug is notrenders. Perhaps the development of an allergic reaction with intolerance of individual components. With prolonged admission, a decrease in peristalsis activity and subsequent constipation may develop. Unlike many other sedative drugs, Persen Forte has no influence on the psychic reaction and can be safely applied by persons managing motor vehicles or working with various mechanisms. If Persen is appointed, side effects in the form of an allergic reaction and constipation are possible when using significant doses of this medication.

Persense sedativeneurosis of various origins allows for a few days to reduce the onset of symptoms of diseases, normalize sleep, improve the patient’s general condition.

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