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Pulsating pain in the head

Perhaps it is difficult to meet a person who does notwas familiar with the headache. Medics say that 70% of the world's population suffers from periodic headaches. It has many causes and it even appears in perfectly healthy people. But if the pain occurs regularly, you should visit a doctor to determine their causes and start treatment if necessary.

Pulsating pain in the head is oftena sign of migraine. This is a very common disease with unexplained causes. According to statistics, most often young women are exposed to her in the morning after awakening. The pain in this case can be either light or simply unbearable. A strong throbbing headache with migraine can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, intolerance to bright light and loud sounds. Migraine can last up to three days, but most often it does not take several hours. Gradually, throbbing pain in the head decreases and a state of incredible lethargy and drowsiness sets in. Studies have shown that people who are migraines are hyperactive in the trunk of the brain. It is these areas that are affected by the hormonal background of the human body. This is connected with the fact that most women suffer from migraine. But hormonal fluctuations are only one of the possible causes of migraine. Pulsating pain in the head with migraines can occur after stress, heavy physical exertion, with alcohol abuse, it is susceptible to people who smoke or take drugs. Very often migraine is inherited.

To prevent a migraine, it is necessary to understandthe reasons for its occurrence. If you determine what causes seizures, they will be easier to avoid. And if there is already a throbbing pain in your head, you should try to remove it with pills such as "Paracetamol", "Aspirin" or preparations with ibuprofen. The main thing is not to overdo it, taking medicines in large quantities, because it is easy to harm the body. Traditional medicine offers many ways to combat migraine, one of them is to dip your head in hot water for a few minutes. In principle, the methods for eliminating the headache with migraines are different for everyone. Sometimes even a cup of regular coffee or a serving of ice cream helps. The main thing is not to endure a headache, because it brings discomfort and inconvenience.

In addition to migraine, a throbbing headache canmanifest in viral and colds. It provokes sinusitis, sinusitis, meningitis. Therefore, if you have never had a migraine and there is an acute headache with fever, you should immediately consult a doctor. When the blood pressure rises, there are also pulsating strokes in the head. In this case, help to reduce the pressure. In addition, the cause of the periodically arising pain may be incorrectly matched glasses, when the eye nerve is in constant tension. Increased intraocular pressure and various eye diseases also lead to uncomfortable twitching pain in the head.

Treatment of acute headache that occurs whenvarious diseases, is to get rid of the disease itself. Therefore, first of all, with a frequently occurring pulsating headache, it is necessary to undergo examination from several specialist doctors. This is a neurologist, an ophthalmologist, a therapist, and sometimes you may need the help of a neurosurgeon or infectious disease specialist. More often than not, a general blood test, an analysis for sugar and lipidograms is sufficient to diagnose the cause of the headache. According to the doctor's decision can be appointed
more complete examination, in each case it is individual.

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