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Is syphilis available for men?

syphilis for men

Syphilis for men is currently one of the most serious diseases, which is transmitted directly through sexual contact. This disease is known for a long time and has a very interesting history.

Syphilis for men. The appearance of disease

This disease for a long time does notcould cure. It was believed that it arises from the many different sins of man. In Europe and Asia for a very long time this misfortune was unknown, right up to the beginning of the wanderings of Columbus. However, soon after his expeditions, syphilis in men acquired the character of a pandemic. So the disease spread across the countries of Europe, in Russia. The illness suffered and such famous personalities as Hitler, and many cultural figures, including Nietzsche, Gauguin and Beethoven.

Syphilis. Symptoms

Photo of the disease, or rather its externalmanifestation, produces not the most pleasant impression. These are small sores in the genital area. Literally in a few weeks, ulcers and pimples (like warts) with a hard surface can disappear, but this does not mean that the disease has left the body. On the contrary, it passed to the second stage of its development, which is accompanied by a rapid rise in body temperature, rash on the genitals, weakness. However, much more terrible is the launched disease, because he subsequently leads to blindness, the gradual destruction of the nasal septum, paralysis and many other unpleasant circumstances.

syphilis symptoms photo

Syphilis for men. Treatment

Doctors who specialize in this disease,argue that with timely diagnosis in the early stages of the disease is treatable. In the Middle Ages, therapy was much simpler and implied the use of arsenic, bismuth and iodine. The danger of these substances did not stop a strong half of humanity in the fight against a terrible disease. Later, in the 20th century, a drug called Salvarsan was widely used. Despite the fact that he had many side effects, it was much more effective than previous means.

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Today, experts offer their patientsso-called penicillin therapy. It, along with other antibacterial drugs, gives almost 100% effect, and patients no longer remember the problem. However, men should remember that the result of treatment will be faster if the disease is detected at a very early stage of development. Otherwise, the effectiveness of drugs will be somewhat reduced, and the consequences of the ailment we have already mentioned above.


So, in this article we have examined in general termsthe question of what constitutes a disease called syphilis (whose photo is not intended for the faint of heart). Note that today the number of sick men is increasing every day. Moreover, the disease became a problem not only for many African countries, but also for European countries. Protect yourself from this kind of disease only two effective ways - use a condom during intimacy and have a permanent partner. Be healthy!

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