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The first teeth in children: when do they appear?

Almost all young parents from the first months of life of their baby are interested in the question: "In how many months does the child have a toothache, and how is this process going?"

The first teeth often begin to appear in thesix months of age, although this process is individual for everyone. Most doctors consider it normal when they appear between the 4th and the 8th month.

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Symptoms that accompany these changes canbe very different. For most kids and their parents, this process is very difficult and painful. Although there are unique cases when the state of the child does not change at all.

The first teeth in children: the main signs

These include:

  • strong salivation;
  • swollen gums;
  • increase in body temperature to 38 degrees, runny nose, cough, diarrhea (these symptoms should be treated with special attention, since they can indicate the onset of the disease);
  • the child starts to gnaw different objects and keep fingers in his mouth.

All these symptoms may appear a month or more before the eruption of the first teeth.

how many months does your child have teeth
How to help the baby?

To facilitate this process, mostpediatricians recommend lubricating gum babies with local action gel with pain medications (most often lidocaine). Some drugs contain antiseptic and anti-inflammatory components of plant origin, for example, chamomile.

Also, you can give the kid a special ring made of rubber, which is sold in a pharmacy. It also helps very well.

When the first teeth begin to appear in children,you should start to give a little solid food, for example, a piece of apple or a hard cookie. But it is important not to overdo it, since normal digestion of solid food in a child begins after a year, when he has more than six teeth.

What measures should parents take when the first teeth appear in children?

1. Spend with the child more time in the sun to prevent vitamin D deficiency, as this contributes to the development of rickets.

2. Immunity of the baby is very weakened at this time, so it is worth to give up any vaccination, as this can cause various complications.

3. Give the child more water, as there is a large loss of fluid along with saliva.

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What if the first teeth of children are cut late?

If the baby is more than a year old, and he does not yet have a single tooth and there are no signs of a possible eruption, then, without a doubt, this is an alarming sign. What could be the reason for this delay:

  • rickets;
  • a child's infectious disease;
  • dysbiosis;
  • intrauterine infection in the child during pregnancy;
  • metabolic disease.

In this case, it is extremely necessary to conduct a medical examination, which will help to identify possible deviations. After that you can remove them in time.

Now you know about how much teeth are cut in children, and you can prepare for it morally. Remember that this is a difficult period. But all young parents need to pass it.

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