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Prevention of varicose veins on the legs. Exercises for the feet. Compression underwear with varicose veins

Vascular diseases are increasingly affecting young people. A few decades ago, varicose veins of the lower limbs were addressed to the physicians mostly elderly. Now pathology can be detected even in schoolgirls.

tights for the prevention of varicose veins

Disease (varicose veins) usually affectsrepresentatives of the weaker sex. Prerequisites for its emergence are a wrong way of life, hereditary predisposition, wearing uncomfortable shoes and tight clothes, sedentary work. An important contribution to the development of pathology is pregnancy and subsequent childbirth. Prevention of varicose veins on the legs should be carried out by all women. The only difference is that one of the fair sex will have enough exercise, and others will require drug therapy.


This pathology affects the lower vessels. Varicose veins are a very dangerous disease. It has progressed for many years and can lead to death. That is why it is so important at the first disturbing symptoms to see a doctor. Depending on the degree of the disease, experts prescribe the appropriate drugs and drugs to combat it. The stages of varicose veins are as follows:

  • initial (there are no obvious changes on the lower extremities, but the patient experiences a slight heaviness, which appears in the evening);
  • the first (manifestation of symptoms is worse: swelling, itching along the affected vessel, burning and pain in the shin area);
  • the second (the lower extremities are partially affected by vascular asterisks, there are areas of protruding veins, the symptoms persist);
  • the third (the skin of the lower leg undergoes the strongest changes, it becomes dark, ulcers occur, and the examination reveals thrombi).

Even at the first signs of pathology, the patient isconsult a doctor. Men are usually not prescribed varicose prophylaxis. All due to the fact that the probability of the disease among the representatives of the male is very low. Women also need to take care of the health and beauty of their feet.

Prevention of varicose veins

To prevent the development of pathology, you canin several ways. Methods of prevention are divided into primary and secondary. The first are applied when there is still no rapid development of the disease or an initial stage of pathology is detected. Secondary methods are effective in more neglected situations.

prevention of varicose veins

It is worth noting that the prevention of varicose veins onlegs can not eliminate pathology. The methods presented to your attention can only slightly alleviate the symptoms and prevent the further development of the disease. Primary prevention methods include gymnastics, light physical exercises, nutrition and lifestyle adjustments. Secondary means the use of medicines, compression knitwear and folk recipes. Let us consider in more detail how the prevention of varicose veins on the legs is carried out.

Regular medical consultation

If you want to protect your feet from suchpathology, like varicose veins, the first thing to do is to visit the phlebologist's office on a regular basis. The doctor will be able to monitor the condition of blood vessels. Often, doctors prescribe ultrasound diagnosis and Doppler. These studies make it possible to identify altered vein structures already at the earliest stages. It is worth noting that often the patient does not yet experience any symptoms.

The doctor after examination and the conducted researcheswill be able to select the most suitable preventive measures for you. If there are already initial changes in the vessels, then such examinations should be regular. They will allow time to identify the progression of the disease and take appropriate measures.

Maintaining normal body weight and proper nutrition

Prevention of varicose veins on the legs includesyourself adherence to proper nutrition. Consumed food should be rich in vitamins and minerals. Dishes should contain a sufficient amount of fiber. It promotes digestion and regular stools.

stage of varicose veins

It is worth saying that in people with excessive weightbody varicose veins are found several times more often. All because of the fact that the lower extremities are the strongest load. Already the first symptoms of pathology should force the patient to change his diet. Consumption of clean water should not be less than one and a half liters per day. Abundant drink helps to thin the blood. It indirectly affects the work of the veins and vessels of the lower limbs.

Proper clothing is the guarantee of healthy blood vessels

Prevention of varicose veins on the legs suggestsuse the right clothes. Phlebologists strongly advise not wearing pulling clothes and clothes. So, the area below the waist should be dressed in loose-cut things. You can not wear tight jeans, especially severely disrupts blood circulation in the small pelvis low waist. Pantyhose and stockings should be selected in size.

During the day wear only comfortable shoes. If possible, you should give up heels and tight shoes. Raising the heel should not exceed 3-4 centimeters. If you need a model shoe, then try not to spend a whole day in it. Periodically take off your shoes and let your feet rest. If possible, during the day, perform leg bending and simple exercises, which will be presented to your attention below.

Sedentary lifestyle - a direct path to varicose veins

Remedy for varicose veins may be different. However, it will not help you if you do not change your way of life. Refuse to sit constantly. During such a situation, the blood in the lower limbs stagnates. Available valves start to work for wear. This leads to their damage and vasodilation. The situation is aggravated when you put your foot on your leg or bend one limb. In this case, the blood is simply clogged in a vessel. She can not only go out, but she does not enter it either.

varicosity reviews

Certainly, for the prevention of varicose veinsDo not change jobs and give up your favorite activities. However, try to move more. If you already have the prerequisites for the development of the disease, then every hour for ten minutes you need to go for a walk and preventive exercises. When you get home, place your legs above your body. In this state it is worth staying at least fifteen minutes. After that, you can do household chores while doing basic exercises.

Correct sleep and failure of thermal procedures

What else helps in the prevention of varicose veins? Phlebologists and vascular surgeons say that at the first symptoms of the disease it is necessary to permanently abandon a hot bath, a bath or a sauna. The fact is that the pathology progresses with such procedures. Veins under the influence of high temperatures greatly expand and become injured. It is worth noting that healthy vessels can safely withstand thermal procedures.

vessels of varicose veins

Sleep can also be a good tool forprevention of varicose veins. Arrange your bed at a slight angle. The leg area should be slightly elevated. This will help improve the outflow of stagnant blood. Also, you can use an ordinary pillow, which is placed under the lower limbs.

Compression underwear with varicose veins

An excellent means for prevention arestockings or pantyhose. However, they should not be ordinary. Compression underwear for varicose veins should be prescribed by a doctor. It is the specialist who determines what degree of elasticity is appropriate in this case. Tights and stockings from varicose can be of several kinds. They all have different pressure on certain parts of the legs. So, an easy degree of compression affects solely the ankles. The higher the value of the variety of such linen, the more therapeutic effect it has.

It is worth saying that such products are necessaryto put on correctly. In the morning, without getting out of bed, raise your lower limbs upwards for half a minute. After that, assemble the stocking with an accordion and start gently pulling it. If it becomes necessary to put the product on after standing in the upright position, then it is worthwhile to lie down with your legs raised for several minutes. Remember that compression underwear requires special care. Wash it every day with suitable mild detergents.

First degree of compression

These stockings from varicose are prescribed for prophylactic purposes. They have relatively little pressure on the ankle, ranging from 18 to 21 millimeters of mercury.

The main indications for such preventionare heaviness in the legs, burning along the pathological vessels, as well as a small swelling that occurs in the evening. Also, the product can be used in a forced sedentary lifestyle. Often, stockings of the first degree of compression are assigned to trade workers and other service personnel. These people are forced to spend a long time in the same position, they are at risk.

stockings from varicose veins

Second class

Tights for the prevention of varicose of the second degreecompression is often prescribed after treatment. In this case, the pathology could be corrected surgically or by minimally invasive methods. Often a second class of compression is prescribed to women for the prevention of varicose veins during pregnancy and childbirth. In this case, wearing stockings and pantyhose can be round the clock.

It is worth noting that the second class of compression haspressure from 25 to 32 millimeters of mercury. When choosing a product, you need to determine the correct size. That's why it's worth asking for help from a specialist.

Third and fourth grade

These types of compression linen are notpreventive, and already curative. They are prescribed in especially difficult situations - with elephant legs, ulcers and in case of impossibility of carrying out surgical treatment.

The third class of compression linen has a pressurefrom 36 to 46 millimeters of mercury. At the same time he pulls not only the ankle and calves, but also the areas located on the hip. The fourth compression class provides a pressure higher than 59 millimeters. Such a product is rarely seen on a free sale. Usually it is necessary to receive it in a prescription pharmacy.

Medications for oral administration

Remedy for varicose veins may have tabletedshape. These drugs contribute to strengthening the walls of blood vessels. They also have an anti-inflammatory effect on the veins. Pain, swelling, cramps and itching often go away after a course of using such remedies. It is worth noting that some drugs dilute blood. This must be taken into account when choosing a medication.

varicose disease

All medicines for oral administration shouldappointed by a doctor. Each patient individually selected the dosage of the drug and the course of its administration. Some medicinal compounds may be taken during pregnancy. However, breastfeeding should not be prevented. All tablets are divided into several groups:

  • Antioxidants (vitamin E, "Ginkor-Fort"). They contribute to the purification of the body, including veins, from toxins and toxins.
  • Desaggregants and anticoagulants ("Aspirin", "Vazobral", "Fraksiparin", "Kurantil"). Dilute the blood and improve its composition.
  • Phlebotonics (Detraleks, Flebodia, Antistaks). Strengthen the venous wall, remove the edema and prevent the inflammatory process.

against varicose veins

All drugs have their contraindications andlimitations. Before using any medications, you should consult your doctor. In some cases several medicines are prescribed for prevention. In this case, complex therapy produces a more pronounced positive effect.

Means for topical application

Cream for varicose can also be used forprevention. Often these medicines are prescribed together with compression knitwear. It is worth noting that these compounds are safer than capsules and tablets. However, with severe symptoms of varicose veins, they may be powerless. The most popular drugs are the following: "Lyoton", "Venolife", "Heparin", "Troxevasin" and so on. Any cream from varicose must be applied with light rubbing movements. In this case, the direction should be from the bottom to the top. Many formulations require re-use during the day. This may not be very convenient.

The effect of such prevention may not be noticeable to everyone. The listed preparations show a positive result with simultaneous intake of oral medications.

Exercises for the prevention of varicose veins

Normal leg bending can be goodprevention of varicose disease of the lower extremities. However, all exercises should be matched correctly. Perform them regularly. Only in this case will the effect of manipulation be obtained. If you have already started varicose veins, the opinions of the doctors speak about the effectiveness of the complex correction. In this case, it is necessary to use compression underwear in conjunction with drug therapy. Physical exercises will also bring considerable benefit.

varicose what to do


He well trains muscles of legs and renderspreventive action normal running. In this case, you should not develop a high speed. Just run for fun. If you want, you can exercise at home. To do this, you will need a track.

An alternative to running can be high knee lifts. Stand in one place, hands on your waist. Alternately lift one leg and the other so that the knee forms an angle of 90 degrees.

Rise on socks

To prevent varicose veinseffective, this exercise must necessarily be included in the gym. Stand up evenly, your feet should stand firmly on the floor. Slowly rise on the socks so that the heel moves away from the floor by three centimeters. After that, just return slowly to the starting position.

This exercise can be performed even in the workplace. For one approach, you need to make 10 ascents. During the day, you can do from 5 to 10 approaches.

cream from varicose veins

"Bicycle" or exercise, its substitute

A good prevention of varicose veins is a bicycle. If you do not have this vehicle or have enough time for such walks, then just do the following exercise.

Place on a firm and level surface,legs lift up. Palms rest on the floor. Begin circling with your feet as if you were pedaling. The duration of such gymnastics can be from three to five minutes. During the day, several approaches can be taken.


Very effective prevention of varicose veins of lower extremities and hemorrhoids is swimming. However, not everyone can afford this pleasure. You can swim anywhere, anytime.

During training all the muscles of the legs work, the blood circulates faster. Due to this, the outflow of fluid from the lower limbs increases. A significant role is played by the weightlessness arising in the water.


If you do not have the ability to perform alldescribed exercises, then just walk more often. Try to abandon public or private transport, make long walks in the morning and in the evening. You go to work for a certain period of time before.

It is worth saying that this exercise will beeffective only when properly selected shoes. She should not take too much of her foot. Also, a high and uncomfortable heel is excluded. Shoes should have a slight lift and be chosen in size. Otherwise, you will not only get a positive preventive effect, but also exacerbate the situation.

Treatment of pathology and subsequent prevention

Varicose disease can not be eliminatedpreventive measures. Even drugs do not have a long therapeutic effect. Currently, the most effective methods of eliminating varicose veins are laser correction, sclerotherapy and surgical intervention. After the treatment, it is necessary to take care of the whole life for the prevention of varicose veins. Otherwise, the pathology can affect the healthy veins.

a remedy for varicose veins

Remember that the sooner you turn tospecialist, the less will be needed forces and resources to combat varicose veins of the lower extremities. Observe the doctor's recommendations and follow all the preventive measures prescribed for you.

At the end of the article, or Summing up

Now you know what varicose is. What to do to prevent it is described above. If you already have pronounced changes in the veins, then all of the above actions will most likely not help. They can only partially stop the progression of pathology. In the second and third stages of the disease, it is worthwhile to see a doctor for treatment. Only after this, the recommended preventive measures will be useful.

Health to you, and let your legs will always be beautiful!

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