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Why was the toe on his leg numb?

Waking up in the morning, you feel that you are numbbig toe? For the most part, this symptom does not depend on the time of day, but many patients notice it after a night's sleep. If numbness is accompanied by symptoms such as a rash, peeling and cracks in the skin of the feet, we recommend that you go to the doctors as soon as possible.

the toe is numb
Unsuitable footwear

In the overwhelming majority of people who complain,that they numb their thumbs on their feet, sinning by wearing too tight shoes. Even if you buy shoes and boots strictly in size, do not forget that in the evening, the feet and ankles may slightly increase in size, swelling from the loads. That's why orthopedists are advised to purchase shoes in which you can freely move your fingers. This is especially true for fans of long walks.


For no apparent reason, was my toe numb? Carefully examine it - perhaps, you yourself without knowing it, suffer from corns. As a rule, this trouble worries mostly women - the fault is the addiction to narrow shoes and high heels. By the way, it can lead to more serious troubles: for example, to the deformation of the foot and the appearance of the so-called "bone", which can only be removed surgically. Therefore, try at least alternating wearing model boats with something more convenient, such as ballet shoes and sneakers. Then the fingers will not swell.

numb toes


If your thumb is numb on the leg, thismay indicate a serious deviation in health: arthritis, arthrosis, flat feet, too high a rise, bursitis or even aseptic necrosis, that is, the necrosis of the bone due to impaired blood flow. Do not ignore this symptom and hope that everything will pass by itself, it is better to have an examination with an orthopedist.


The big toe is numb and badly sore? Perhaps you have broken a joint or bone. Even an ordinary bruise can provoke numbness, which, however, quickly passes.


the big toe is numb
In medicine this term is called a tumor of the nervoustissue. By the way, such unnatural growth of the nerve is most often noted in the toes. In the future, education can spread to the entire foot and hinder walking.

Diabetic Neuropathy

Patients suffering from diabetes are familiarthis symptom - they constantly complain that the big toe is numb. Lack of proper treatment can lead to the fact that the fingers will have to be completely amputated. Ignore this sign is strictly prohibited!

Alcohol Neuropathy

This variant is generally similar to the previous one, withOnly the difference is that it is mainly observed in people who abuse alcohol. As you know, it destroys nerve cells, including in the area of ​​the feet.

Summarizing the foregoing, it can be noted thatif the big toe is numb, it is often impossible to identify the cause of this phenomenon on your own. If you are not helped by changing shoes and general care for your feet, be sure to see a doctor.

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