/ How to get rid of cones on legs in a timely manner?

How to get rid of cones on your legs in a timely manner?

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A person's foot consists of three departments -front, middle and rear. When moving, the maximum load on oneself is assumed by the first, consisting of phalanges of fingers, metatarsal bones, tendons and ligaments. Bumps may form on the joints of the fingers due to incorrect shoes or incorrect placement of the foot. They are quite painful. Now we will consider options for how to get rid of cones on your feet.

Why do lumps appear?

When the foot is healthy, the tendons are tightly connectedmetatarsal bones among themselves in a certain position. When a pathology occurs, the first bone indicated gradually slopes to the side, forming bulging. Such a deformation is called a cone, or a bone. The reasons for its appearance can be many: heredity, pathology of connective tissue (rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus), excessive stress on the first foot (due to narrow shoes, high heels).

how to get rid of cones on your feet


The cones can be formed not only on largefingers, but also on the little fingers. Probably and such, that operation on excision of cones on legs or foots is required. So, the main symptoms are pain in the anterior and middle parts of the foot, the formation of corns on the soles, painful corns, discomfort when wearing shoes.

Degrees of cones development

There are three degrees of the disease, and beforehow to get rid of cones on your legs, it is important to determine the stage of development. This will depend on the treatment that the doctor will prescribe. At an early stage a small cone is formed, not causing any special discomfort. The average degree is represented by a cone of medium size, the finger begins to deviate. On the third - neglected - the stages of the bones become large, all the deformed fingers, on the feet are formed napotypes. The last degree is considered irreversible, so do not ignore the symptoms of the disease, if any are noticed.

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How to get rid of cones on legs?

The deformed foot is not just ugly,it can be painful. The disease requires intervention in the early stages, when it is easy to prevent irreversible effects (just like getting rid of stretch marks on the legs). In this issue will help massage, physiotherapy, gymnastics, which will be directed to problem areas. Well-acting baths with herbal decoctions and compresses with aloe juice. It is important to give up uncomfortable shoes, which not only does not allow the foot to return to normal, but, on the contrary, promotes the development of cones.

In addition, the use of orthopedic shoes, insoles and other devices will help relax the tendons and ligaments and return the joints to the correct position.

Operative intervention

The surgical method is applied in that case,when the clinical picture is the following: the angle of the deviation of the finger is increased, the cone is large, the patient experiences constant pain, possibly the curvature of the other fingers, discomfort in any, even the most comfortable footwear. Modern medicine uses foot reconstruction technology, which uses special screws of Baruk. Remember that only the doctor can correctly determine the degree of the disease and recommend how to get rid of cones on the legs.

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