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Medication Cordyceps. Reviews, indications, contraindications

Mushroom cordyceps growing in alpineareas of China, can be attributed to both the flora group and the fauna group. The period of winter colds he carries in the ground in the form of a cocoon, and with the onset of spring heat breaks through the hairs outside, turning into a plant.

In folk medicine, Cordyceps is used onover a 1200-year history. Chinese sorcerers have recognized this fungus as a remedy to help get rid of many ailments. The Tianshi Corporation has developed a biologically active food additive, which includes the body of natural Chinese cordyceps and mannitol. These substances contain polysaccharides and adenine, ubiquinone and amino acids, vitamins and minerals. In addition, the main active elements are cordycepin and cordycepsic acid. It helps the fungus to get rid of various diseases and to maintain the health of the body.

The product "Cordyceps" (Tiens), reviews of which speak of its very effective application, is recommended with the following ailments:

- diseases of the respiratory system, which are of infectious and allergic origin (pneumonia and bronchitis, bronchial asthma and emphysema of the lungs, as well as tuberculosis);

- pathologies of blood vessels and cardiac muscle (myocardial infarction and risk of thrombosis);

- diseases of the genitourinary system (pyelonephritis and cystitis, hepatitis and pollutants, as well as frequent urine incontinence);

- blood pathologies (in the presence of thrombocytopenic purpura);

- the appearance of malignant tumors, for deactivation of the main focus.

Apply the medication Cordyceps, reviews aboutwhich is recommended as a very effective remedy for liver disease, for a preventive course that reduces the risk of cirrhosis. Corporation Tyanshi produces this biologically active additive in the form of capsules for internal use.

The therapeutic effect of the drug "Cordyceps", reviews aboutwhich indicate an obvious effect in its use in cases of respiratory diseases, makes it possible to increase lung activity. As a result, the patient gets rid of cough and shortness of breath, sweating and impotence. In addition, the malaise that is caused by the weakness of the pulmonary system is gone.

Recommended biologically active additive "Cordyceps" and to improve the processes of metabolism in the kidneys. The drug contributes to:

- normalization of motor-transmission processes;

- strengthening the dynamics of cells located in the tissues of the kidneys;

- recovery of injured kidney tubes and glomerulus;

- prevents re-infection of the kidneys;

- containment of the process of uroteicosis.

Using the drug Cordyceps, reviews aboutthe use of which is said to improve the health of patients, allows you to get rid of pain in the lower back and legs, which is noisy, and reduce the frequency of urination.

The action of the biologically active additive onthe body allows moderately and for a long time to increase blood flow in the coronary vessels and regulate the balance of phosphorus and calcium. The drug "Cordyceps", reviews of experts that describe it as a valuable tool recommended for heart pathologies, helps to reduce the concentration in the arteries of platelets and the stable course of treatment in coronary diseases of the myocardium.

The use of a biologically active additive,including a unique fungus, contributes to the improvement of liver function, suppression of foci of malignant tumors in the late stages of the disease, as well as the provision of antitoxic effect.

Elixir "Cordyceps Phoenix" as the mainThe active ingredients contain three higher fungi - black, lingzhi and cordyceps. An auxiliary substance intended for conservation is honey collected in highland areas. This elixir has a liquid form and is intended for internal use. The active substances of this drug contribute to the restoration of the functions of all body systems and are a powerful tool for the prevention of a large range of diseases.

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