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The use of persimmons for the body, as well as contraindications to its use

The winter period of time is associated not only witheating various citrus fruits, but also with the appearance on the shelves of shops of such a bright and attractive fruit as a persimmon. It is quite common in China, where it is also called persimona. In our region, the benefits of persimmons to the body remain unknown to many people. Increasingly, this fruit is purchased in order to try out a strange product.

Benefits of persimmons for the body

the use of persimmons for the body

Indeed, very few people know that this fruitis a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. For example, it contains a lot of calcium needed to strengthen bone tissue, as well as magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamins A, P and C. For women, a persimmon must be the best friend, the benefit of it is the property of a unique dietary product. On the one hand, it is very sweet to the taste, and on the other - its caloric value is low. Nutritionists often recommend eating persimmon when thoughts arise about a cake or cookies. Adherents of alternative medicine believe that this product is able to get rid of problems with the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Due to its viscous consistency, the walls of the stomach are covered with a protective film. A rich vitamin composition helps normalize blood circulation and strengthen vascular walls. Persimmon is used as a preventive measure against the formation of kidney stones. And for men, it is useful, since active substances have a positive effect on the prostate. Therefore, you can safely buy this sunny fruit for the whole family and use it instead of dessert for dinner or breakfast.

persimmon crown benefit

Benefits of persimmons for the body: use for cosmetic purposes

Many women forget that sometimesnatural fruits can be much more effective than new-fangled masks by leading manufacturers. For example, an excellent cleanser is a mixture of pulp of persimmon and yolk of one egg. And Caucasian women still treat these fruits with abscesses, boils and problematic skin. The use of persimmons for the body when eating it is also reflected in its appearance: the complexion improves, the mood improves, and what can be more beautiful than the girl's sincere smile in a gloomy frosty morning. The maximum moisturizing of the skin can be achieved with the help of a special composition from the pulp of persimmon, olive oil and a small amount of honey. The mixture is evenly distributed on the skin, and after 15 minutes thoroughly rinse. You will feel great results almost immediately. For the normal skin type, the following cleansing recipe is suitable: mix the pulp with olive or linseed oil, add a spoonful of sour cream, and the mask is ready for use.

Persimmon Benefit and Harm Contraindications

Persimmon: benefit and harm, contraindications

Diabetics should beware of this product,use it rarely and only in small portions, since it has a high sugar content. In a large number of persimmons is not recommended even to an absolutely healthy person. The fact is that her astringent properties provoke an intestinal obstruction, this can create problems with the stool. In addition, you only need to buy fruits that are stored correctly, because otherwise all useful trace elements are destroyed. In order to preserve flavor and energy properties, you should store them in a dark cold place.

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