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How to treat cones on legs: advice of specialists

How to treat cones on legs? This issue is mainly for women. Unsurprisingly, because the huge protruding bones not only prevent wearing beautiful shoes and open sandals, but also cause severe pain, making walking difficult. In addition, they are capable of disfiguring even the most graceful foot, but you want to do a pedicure in the summer, put on a ringing bracelet on your ankle, and walk along the street, rivet your glances to your immaculate legs.


So, how to treat cones on legs? It should immediately be stipulated that the so-called "people's means", most likely, will not help you. Representatives of the older generation advise you to make hot baths with sea salt, smear iodine stones and even to tie raw fish to them, but all these exotic methods will not do anything. It is better not to lose time and consult an orthopedist, he will examine your leg, make an X-ray examination and establish the presence or absence of deformation. All this is necessary in order to make an accurate diagnosis, valgus deformation (this scientific designation of "bones") is easily confused with gout. Therefore, it is recommended to hand over the assays just in case, in particular to determine the amount of uric acid in the blood.

how to treat cones on legs
Stages of development

If you ask the doctor how to treat bumps onlegs, he will explain to you that the method of treatment is chosen depending on the stage of the disease. There are three of them: early, medium and neglected. In the first case, the cone is very small, almost invisible. In the second, the first finger begins to deviate. Finally, the third stage is characterized by a bulging bone, on which it is even difficult to choose shoes, and deformed toes of the foot. The further the disease enters, the more unpleasant symptoms the patient experiences. It all starts with pain in the legs, which occurs before going to sleep. Then it becomes permanent, feet whine, they begin to "break". The sole is covered with burrs. Deformation is also dangerous because it can cause a curvature of the spine (this is due to the uneven distribution of the load). In addition, knee and hip joints suffer greatly.

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So that you never have to wonder"How to treat cones on your legs", always wear comfortable shoes. High heels, close shoes, boots that do not fit you in size - they are the cause of the development of the valgus foot.

Methods of treatment

It is possible to get rid of cones on legs with the help of twomethods: conservative and surgical. The use of the first is advisable only in the early stages, when the bone has not yet reached a large size and does not cause its owner any inconvenience. The treatment program is formed by an orthopedist. Most likely, he will appoint you a course of massage, a complex of physiotherapy exercises and a series of physiotherapy procedures. Slow down cone growth can be a constant wearing of orthopedic insoles.

get rid of the cones on your feet

Today in Russia are very commonfoot and leg diseases. Treatment, which gives a 100% result, is an operative intervention. If the cone has become so large that the foot does not fit into ordinary shoes, it constantly hurts and prevents walking, it can only be removed (of course, a bump, not a foot). To be afraid of operation it is not necessary, it is malotrauma and in most cases is performed through punctures and with local anesthesia. You do not even have to wear a plaster bandage, it is replaced by special orthopedic shoes. Full recovery takes about one and a half months. Of course, in the future you will have to give up shoes with heels and excessive loads.

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