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Symptoms, prevention and treatment of cystitis in a child

Cystitis is called the inflammatory process,caused by infection. It takes place in the bladder. Most often, girls suffer from this disease, which is explained by the peculiarities of the genito-urinary tract, as a result of which favorable conditions for the reproduction of bacteria are created.

treatment of cystitis in children


The main cause of the appearance of cystitis in childrenis improper care and illiterate washing. In addition, the fungus candida can provoke the development of this disease. Subcooling is another cause of this unpleasant disease, but only if the child has chronic inflammation.

It should be remembered that untimely urination can also be the cause of the symptoms of cystitis.

Symptoms of cystitis

Most often, the symptoms of this disease in children are of a general nature:

- Increased urination.

- Pain in the lower abdomen.

- A slight increase in temperature.

- In more neglected cases, you can see a selection of pus.

If you do a general urine test, then there will be an increased number of leukocytes and epithelial cells.

Treatment of cystitis in a child is no different fromtreatment of an adult. However, it should be remembered that it should be carried out with the observance of bed rest and rest, thanks to which the work of the bladder is normalized.

from cystitis

Treatment of cystitis in a child can be carried out inhome conditions as follows: dry heat and warm sedentary baths, the water in which should not be hotter than 37.5 degrees. As for nutrition, it is necessary to adhere to a diet (exclude spices, spices and spices). It is desirable to use as much as possible vegetable and sour-milk products. It is recommended to drink cranberry and cranberry fruit drinks. It is also good to drink non-carbonated mineral water.

You need to give your child as much as possible(increase the amount of fluid used approximately twice). Due to this toxins and microorganisms will be washed out of the bladder, and also prevent the attachment of harmful bacteria to its walls.

treatment of a child's cystitis

Treatment of cystitis in a child medicines and methods of traditional medicine

Phytotherapy is the most commonmethod of treatment of cystitis. Used for this are such medicinal plants that have a restoring, diuretic, antimicrobial and antiseptic effect. They can be used together with other methods of treatment, and independently.

It should be noted that cystitis takes both internally and as baths infusions of herbs.

To date, the treatment of cystitis in children is most often performed with modern preparations that have a plant basis. All of them are quite effective and useful.

Remember that the treatment of cystitis in a child shouldbe conducted only under the careful supervision of a doctor, otherwise such a disease can give complications. Hot baths and compresses are contraindicated. Take care of your health in your youth - there will be fewer problems in old age.

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