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If the tooth hurts, what should I do? Causes and methods of treatment

All people repeatedly face pain in theteeth. For various reasons, we postpone the trip to the dentist and go to him only when we become thoroughly ill. In this condition, treatment is generally long and expensive. But if the tooth is aching, what should I do as first aid? For example, you are in a strange city or in the country, you do not have the opportunity to go to the dentist.

if the tooth hurts what to do

To begin with, try to analyze what wasa catalyst for pain. If this is a particular food, then brush your teeth thoroughly. This will remove all leftovers. For example, you took a bite off a piece of chocolate, and you immediately got a toothache. Before the visit to the doctor refuse to take sweet. And so with any product. Most likely, you developed caries, which reacts so much to temperature changes, some food.

What to do with tooth pain? You can take painkillers, most importantly, observe the dosage. If there is no possibility to go to the pharmacy, you can use improvised means. Any person will have a drop of Valocordin. Dampen the swab in a solution of the drug and attach it to the sick tooth. Unpleasant sensations for a while will cease.

The front teeth hurt

If the tooth hurts, what to do in the absencemedicines? The most proven means for years and generations is water with baking soda. The main thing is that the drink should be warm. You can add a couple drops of iodine. It will have an antiseptic effect.

If the front teeth hurt, you can try to make a temporary frost. For this, a piece of ice should be applied to the affected area. He will cool his nerves for a while.

If the tooth hurts, what to do in the absence of alldrugs and the opportunity to go to the pharmacy? You can use vodka. No, you do not need to drink it. It is enough to dial into the mouth, hold a small amount of time and spit. Alcohol will have an antiseptic effect and will give temporary anesthesia.

What to do with tooth pain
In adults, in a certain periodteeth of wisdom erupt. What to do in this case? Symptoms are exactly the same as with teething in babies. That is, the gum is swollen, the temperature rises, pain appears. Sometimes it intensifies, sometimes it subside. If a new tooth is already visible, the gum may swell. The thing is that food particles can be hammered into it and cause inflammation. They are hard to remove. They are the cause of purulent inflammation. In this case, you need to urgently go to the dentist, only he can open the cyst.

What to do with the wisdom tooth, the doctor also decides. If he grows properly, he will only have to be patient. But more often than not, these teeth do not grow in the right way, under the slope, and can seriously deform the jaw. Therefore, the first thing you need is an X-ray. If the prognosis is unfavorable, the doctor will simply remove the problem teeth. Moreover, in the modern world they do not play any role.

What if the wisdom teeth hurt? You can use the same tools. That is, rinsing with a warm soda solution. You can also use salt. A good antiseptic is propolis.

If the tooth hurts, what should I do? Remember that all means only drown out unpleasant sensations. The cause of their occurrence can only be determined by a doctor. And only the dentist can remove it.

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