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There were cones on the legs. Causes and Treatment

Farewell, high heels, graceful shoes withnarrow spouts! You have been replaced by low shoes larger than usual. There's nothing to be done - the bumps on the legs ache. The causes and treatment of valgus deformation of the foot, called "cones" in the people, is the topic of the article.

bumps on the legs causes and treatment

Who is guilty?

Firstly, not who, but what. Those very narrow-legged high-heeled shoes are due to the fact that of all the patients with deformation of the base of the thumb joint, 98 percent are women, and only 2 percent are men. Where did she come from the stronger sex, if they spend their whole lives in comfortable shoes, or even in sneakers? Whether it's a lady! Going down from the heels to the ground, they feel themselves inferior. They are still young, full of strength and energy, they do not think that almost all the time they go on tiptoe, resting all the weight of the body on the front of the foot. Bones near the thumbs - scientifically valgus deformity of the metatarsal bone - do not appear suddenly. Sometimes they can not be seen even when the pains in the legs are already felt when the big toe is intolerably hurt, resting against the closed toe of the shoes. However, it is not only the shoes that are to blame for the appearance of cones on their feet.

cone removal
Causes and treatment are established at fulldiagnostics, including radiography. A picture can show a bruise or a subluxation of the joint of the thumb. A blood test can detect an elevated uric acid content, and this is not a deformity, but a gout. The cause can also be covered in heredity.

How to treat cones on legs?

Causes and treatment of a disease that interferes with living in fullsense of this word, are closely interrelated. This is understandable: the ailment can manifest with different intensity, have different symptoms, so the treatment will be appropriate - from local anti-inflammatory and anesthetizing agents to surgical intervention. Of specialists, this problem is handled by an orthopedist or an osteopath who must determine the extent of the disease. In difficult cases, when conservative treatment is found to be ineffective, the question goes into the care of the surgeon. By the way, the common expression "removal of cones on the legs" is erroneous. Bones do not remove. The deformed foot is "corrected", giving it an original appearance. Yes, in fact, there are no bones as such. There is a shift of the thumb to the outside of the foot. Due to this, a unique turn of the joint occurs, the bone at the base of the finger begins to bulge, disfiguring the leg and interfering with walking, and most often causing unbearable agony even at rest. Modern medicine has the latest methods, allowing practically without incisions to put on the place of tendons and bones and eliminating cones on the legs. Causes and treatment of this disease have recently been treated differently even by specialists. Today, diagnostics, surgery and recovery take only a few days.

bumps on the legs folk remedies

How to treat bumps on your legs at home?

Folk remedies for pain relief exista lot. But are there any methods that can cure the deformation of the front of the feet and eliminate these terrible bumps? Yes, there are such means, but they need to be supplemented with something - great patience. If the bones were formed over the years, they definitely will not go away in a couple of weeks. Any folk remedy requires regular application for months, or even years. One of them is an animal or pharmacy medical bile. In 200 g of bile, 50 g of finely chopped laundry soap should be dissolved. The present mixture should be applied to a piece of soft tissue or gauze and applied to a sore spot, covered with a foil and put on a warm sock. It is advisable to do this at night. In a month or one and a half the bone will decrease, the pain will subside. By the way, this same method is effective even with heel spurs. Another popular remedy for cones on legs is iodine. Many years they smear their bones and note the visible effect. But there is another way based on iodine. In a bubble of iodine, dissolve 5 tablets of analgin and the resulting fluid regularly lubricate sore spots. There are a lot of methods, and all of them are effective to a greater or lesser extent. It is important to choose what is appropriate for the particular stage of the disease. And the hairpins - God be with them! Health is more important. By the way, now in a fashion steady heel.

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