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Green pharmacy: how useful sorrel

Rounded leaves with sour taste are extremely useful for health. Today it is difficult to imagine, but in most countries people for a long time could not decide to eat this herb.

than useful sorrel
The curative qualities of sorrel have been known for a long time - aboutThis can be judged by the old Russian medical institutions. Sorrel grows almost throughout Russia. Most of all it grows in the south - in the Caucasus and in Kazakhstan. Sorrel grows mainly in forests, in meadows, in thickets, near water bodies.

Benefits of sorrel

So, what is the use of sorrel? This is primarily a diuretic, tonic. In ancient times, the broth of sorrel was prescribed as a prophylaxis against dysentery, with bleeding, with indigestion. And in the 16th century, sorrel was considered a means that could save a person from plague. Zemsky doctors also treated for tuberculosis and rheumatism. Sorrel activates the work of the liver and the production of bile, promotes the work of the intestines and even is an analgesic. This is not the whole list of what sorrel is useful. In its leaves there is a high content of tannins, vitamin C and calcium, so it is strongly recommended to use it with bleeding gums.

is it useful sorrel

The composition of the "green healer"

In the leaves of sorrel contains almost allnecessary for the human body substances and trace elements. This mineral salts, and proteins, and flavonoids. This plant contains a minimum of three organic acids. Green leaves are rich in apple, formic and actually oxalic acid. Also sorrel is very rich in vitamin C - the daily rate is supplemented by eating only 100 grams of leaves. There is also a large amount of vitamins E, PP, B, K and carotene, which is so useful for the eyes. After getting to know this list of micronutrients, the question of whether sorrel is useful, disappears by itself.

Folk recipes

Generation experience, expressed in recipes, helps us understand what sorrel is useful and how it can help with health problems.

  • horse sorrel useful properties
    For constipation, 2 tablespoons are recommended. Spoon the crushed roots with pour boiling water, boil in a water bath, cool and strain. Drink three times a day on a third of the glass. The effect of using this drink comes only after 12 hours, so it is recommended to drink at night.
  • With liver diseases, you can pour 30 grams of finely chopped root into 6 cups of water and boil for 1 hour. Then let the broth persist for 45 minutes, drain and use half a cup 3 times a day.
  • Treatment of skin diseases is another indicator, than sorrel is useful. Fresh oxalic leaves must be applied to the damaged areas of the skin.
  • Edema and dropsy can be quickly cured if you take 1 tbsp. l. juice of oxalic leaves three times a day.
  • Weak immunity, general weakness - the symptoms in which it is recommended to use broth sorrel.

An even greater effect is manifested when consumedhorse sorrel. The useful properties of this natural healer resonate with ordinary sorrel, but its bitter aftertaste makes it less popular. This sorrel is actively used as a decoction, and for external therapy.

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