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The medicine "Betadin" (candles). Instructions for use

Medication "Betadin" (candles) instruction onapplication refers to the disinfectant and antiseptic agents of a wide range of effects. The drug is active against a large number of microorganisms.

Suppositories - one of the most convenient dosage forms. In addition, a medicine in the form of candles, as a rule, begins to act almost immediately, after dissolution.

After penetrating the body from the drug"Betadine" releases active iodine. The component, by binding to the proteins of the cells of the microorganisms-pathogens of the infection, leads to their coagulation (coagulation). Thus, the destruction of microbes takes place.

In connection with the fact that the molecules of the drug "Betadin"have a sufficiently large size, the drug is poorly absorbed into the systemic circulation. The medication acts by penetrating the tissues shallowly. At the same time, the drug "Betadin" (suppositories) describes the application instruction as a means of prolonged (prolonged) action, which is provided by the slow release of active iodine from the tissues. The drug does not have toxic effects.

The medicine "Betadin". Application

Vaginal suppositories are recommended for gynecological infectious diseases of a bacterial nature, including those with sexually transmitted infections (in gonorrhea, for example).

Recommended drug "Betadin" (candles) with thrush and other infections caused by fungal lesions.

The medicine is prescribed for viral pathologies, andalso diseases provoked by protozoa, in the genitals, including those transmitted through sexual contact (with genital herpes or trichomoniasis, for example).

Vaginal suppositories are recommended to prevent infection before gynecological manipulations and operations.

It is recommended to inject suppositories deep into the vagina for one piece a day no more than two times.

Means "Betadin" (candles) instruction onapplication does not admit to the appointment with hypersensitivity to the ingredients of the drug, with disorders in the functioning of the thyroid gland. The drug is not recommended simultaneously with the use of radioactive iodine. Contraindications include pregnancy (after 1 trimester), lactation. The medicine "Betadin" (candles) is not allowed to be used for the treatment of newborns, as well as for inflammatory skin disease of the chronic course, complicated by itching and rashes.

Vaginal suppositories arehighly effective antibacterial agent. However, like any medicine, can cause some unwanted reactions. When using the drug "Betadin" (suppositories) it is possible to have allergies, redness, blistering rash, itching. As a rule, after the withdrawal of the drug, these manifestations disappear on their own.

Uncontrolled use of suppositories of vaginal can lead to the development of bacterial vaginosis or dysbiosis in the vagina.

When using the drug is recommended to use sanitary napkins, since iodine leaves stains on the underwear.

Many women who used suppositoriesvaginal "Betadin", claim that this is one of the most effective remedies for thrush. In most cases, the medicine is well tolerated. But in case of occurrence of undesirable consequences at use of vaginal suppositories "Betadinum" it is necessary to address to the doctor immediately. It is not recommended to engage in self-medication. Despite the large number of positive reviews, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Treatment of gynecological infections should be trusted only by a specialist.

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