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Why cold hands and feet, what is it related to and how to get rid of "permafrost"

There are many people on the planet who constantlycold hands and feet. And the thing here is often not in weather conditions, the "merzlyakov" ice limbs, even in hot weather. What is the main reason why this happens? It is in this we try to understand this article.

The representatives of the weaker sex several timesSimilar problems are more often observed. Basically, this is due to the physiological characteristics - men have better regulation of thermoregulation. But not always the sensitivity to frost is explained by natural phenomena, there are a number of reasons that cause such a reaction.

Cold extremities: the main reasons

  • Physicians associate this state with iron deficiency anemia. People who do not receive a daily rate of iron often complain that they have cold arms and legs. The lack of this vitally important component leads to a decrease in the hemoglobin content in the blood. As a result, a person is always cold, feels unwell and weak. To avoid such problems, you need to eat veal liver, buckwheat, apples, dried apricots. Be sure to drink a course of drugs with iron (as directed by a doctor).
  • People suffering from vegetovascular dystonia,also notice cold hands and feet. With this disease, the capillaries and veins begin to shrink, causing spasms. Internal organs and tissues are poorly supplied with oxygen, so the blood simply does not flow into the limbs from this, they are always cold. Independently to get rid of a dystonia does not turn out, the expert's help is necessary.
  • The next reason is poor nutrition, lack ofvitamins. It is noticed that those women who often sit on a strict diet experience a chill, they always have cold hands and feet. This is due to the lack of the necessary carbohydrates, fats, proteins and useful micro- and macroelements for the body. If you still decide to limit your diet, then be sure to take vitamin E, after consulting a doctor. This vitamin helps normalize blood circulation and has a beneficial effect on the capillary system.
  • Problems with the thyroid gland. If you periodically notice cold hands and feet in your body, this can signal a violation of the thyroid gland. For an accurate diagnosis, it is recommended to do ultrasound.

What to do?

  • Normalize the system of blood circulation will help physical exercise (gymnastics, fitness, running, swimming, outdoor games).
  • Regularly go to the sauna, if notcontraindications. Use a birch broom, so you accelerate your blood through the blood vessels. Even physicians have proved that the alternation of temperature stimulates our blood circulation.
  • Massage relaxes well and promotes heatingextremities. You can do it yourself: just rub your hands and shake them intensively. Under the feet, you can put a small roller and roll it. These simple exercises can be performed even at work.
  • Rational menu. If you watch for weight, then do not forget about your health. You can exclude from the diet fatty, smoked and salted, but here is an acute, for example red pepper must be eaten regularly to improve blood supply and dilate blood vessels. Eat every two hours in small portions and drink more water.
  • Contrast shower or bath for limbs. Alternately lower your legs and hands then into hot, then into cold water. This contributes to the expansion of blood vessels, strengthening the cardiovascular system and improving the mechanism of thermoregulation.

Let's sum up: special medicines, the effect of which is aimed at warming the human body is not. The vasodilating agents "merzljakam" to accept it is not necessary, since. these people usually have low blood pressure, and all these drugs only lower it even more. Therefore, it is necessary to look for the true cause of the problem. It can be determined by a rheumatologist or a therapist.

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