/ How to recognize a stutter in a child?

How to recognize a stutter in a child?

Stammering is a violation of the tempo and rhythm of speech, which are caused by convulsions. Seizures are observed in different parts of the speech apparatus.


Causes of ailment

Most often, the stammer in a child develops for the following reasons:

  • emotional tension;
  • hereditary factors;
  • lesions of the brain of a different nature;
  • frequent stressful situations.

How to recognize the signs?

Recognizing the signs of stuttering is quite simple. The child can suddenly fall silent, usually for a few hours, after which he starts talking again. There is a systematic use of unnecessary sounds, usually "and" and "a". Often the first syllables or whole words are repeated at the beginning of a sentence. Various difficulties before starting a conversation can also indicate stuttering, the child in this case can develop complexes, which over time grow into serious problems. That is why it is very important to turn to a specialist for help in time.

stutter treatment


At the moment there are many methods,allowing to prevent or correct stutter, the treatment of which depends on the severity of the disease and is assigned by the doctor individually. Prior to the beginning of the examination, the significant moments of the prenatal period are analyzed: diseases of the father and mother, directly the course of pregnancy. Further information on the speech development of the baby is assessed: the appearance of the first sounds, words, phrases, and the rate of speech.
It is very important to know the child's speech environment (nowhether stuttering among adults, whether their speed of speech is too fast, etc.). Another important factor affecting stuttering in a child is his upbringing in the family. It is important to limit the excessive manifestation of affection, indulging the vagaries of the child, or, conversely, physical punishment, intimidation, abusive treatment. Children between the ages of two and four are best treated. Diagnosing stuttering in the early stages is difficult, but the timely provision of care can completely rid the child of an ailment. A professional speech therapist will develop an individual method of working with the child, which will cure, correct or prevent stuttering. The treatment of the house is also one of the important components of the overall complex.

Some recommendations for parents

Parents should take into account the following recommendations:

  • speak with the child smoothly and fairly clearly, the pace of speech should be moderate;
  • demand from the child of the possible, encourage and punish in moderation, in no case resorting to physical violence;
  • Do not involve a stuttering child in games,which may require an individual speech performance. But the games in which there are choral responses, dances and other group classes will benefit your kid;
  • music and dances contribute to the development of speech breathing, so for children with stuttering, they are recommended.
    stuttering treatment at home

It is important to remember that stuttering in a child developsfrom the earliest years, and this disease progresses rather quickly. Try to watch the child more closely. Stammering, revealed at an early stage, is easier to treat.

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