/ Means of Neosmectin. Instructions for use

Means "Neosmectin". Instructions for use

Medication "Neosmectin" belongs to the categoryanti-diarrheal remedies. The medicine is also characterized by a high adsorbing property. The main substance is dioctahedral smectite. The component provides enveloping and gastroprotective action. Medication "Neosmectin" (reviews of experts confirm this information) provides protection of the mucosa of all departments in the digestive tract. This action is due to stabilization in the cells of the gastrointestinal tract. The drug helps to increase the functional activity of mucus, increases the protective properties. This ensures the protection of the intestine from the effects of free hydrogen ions, toxins, pathogenic bacteria and other irritants. In small doses, the drug has no effect on motility.

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The medicine "Neosmectin". Instructions. Indications

The medication is prescribed for allergic diarrheaor medicinal nature. Indications include diarrhea, provoked by improper diet or poor quality of food. The drug is recommended for peptic ulcer (as an auxiliary drug), gastroduodenitis. Medication "Neosmectin" instruction allows to use in the treatment of colitis, to eliminate the symptoms of dyspepsia: heartburn, flatulence, a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, discomfort in epigastrium, provoked by pathologies of the intestine or stomach. In combination with other drugs, the drug can be used to treat infectious diarrhea.

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Means "Neosmectin". Instructions. Side effects

On the background of treatment may be noted allergy, constipation. Usually (at observance of dosages) the medicine is transferred satisfactorily. If there are negative reactions, you should stop the therapy and seek help from a specialist.

Means "Neosmectin". Instructions. Contraindications

Do not prescribe medicine for intestinalobstruction, intolerance of components. The expediency of using the medication during the period of gestation or during the breastfeeding of the child is determined by the specialist in accordance with the indications and tolerability.

Means "Neosmectin". Instructions for use

Dosage regimen, the amount of the drug is prescribed by the doctor. This takes into account the severity of the symptoms, age and tolerability of the components of the remedy.

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Additional Information

Do not take the drug in elevateddosages. This can provoke the development of persistent constipation. If there is a violation of the intestine during therapy, visit a doctor. As a rule, constipation occurs when the dose is reduced or the drug is withdrawn. If the condition worsens, and if there is a lack of effectiveness in using the medication, you should visit a doctor. In therapy, it should be taken into account that the drug depresses the activity and reduces the absorption of other drugs when combined. In this regard, experts recommend that you drink other drugs an hour or two after the medication "Neosmectin". On the background of treatment should provide the patient with a sufficient amount of fluid.

Means "Neosmectin". Price

The instruction does not contain data on the cost of the medicine. The price of medicines in pharmacies is within a hundred rubles.

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