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Why lips dry and how to make them gentle, moist and inviting

During the off-season, many girlsare concerned about a serious and discomforting problem - lips dry. This brings a lot of inconvenience. Shine and lipstick on them look uneven and only emphasize the problem. Feelings are uncomfortable, you can not kiss, you need to find an exit urgently.

Why do they dry their lips? One of the main factors are sudden changes in weather conditions. They are not afraid of those girls who at this time use special creams, lipsticks and other means to protect their lips. The appearance on the street without protection promotes a sharp increase in dryness and the appearance of cracks on your gentle lips. You like to drink coffee and drink at least two or three cups a day and suddenly notice that your lips are drying. What to do in this situation? As you know, caffeine helps dehydrate the body, so limit its intake. Even worse affects the delicate skin of the lips alcohol and smoking. To get rid of dryness, drink about 1.5 liters of water a day.

Constant diets and, as a consequence, lackvitamins in the body - this is one of the most common causes, because of which the girls dry their lips. What to do? Be sure to include in your diet everything that your body needs. And even if you are on a diet, then add as many varieties of fruits and vegetables as possible. Dryness develops due to the lack of vitamins of group B, E, A, C and other nutrients. All of them can be purchased in the complex. Look in the pharmacy.

With the food, everything is fine, but there is a constantdiscomfort? Why do the lips dry, and what else could be the cause? Perhaps your sponge is not enough care. Apply moisturizing lipstick before going out on the street - this is not enough. It is necessary to use various means in the form of masks, being at home. They well nourish and moisturize dry skin with various oils. The best healing effect is with sea buckthorn oil. Before applying to the lips, add a few drops of natural antioxidant vitamin E. Moisturizing and softening properties are wheaten, olive, mustard and flaxseed oils. To them it is quite good to add also vitamin A. If the lips dry, you can quickly get rid of the problem with a vaseline honey mask. Apply it in a thick layer for twenty minutes and get soft, gentle and incredibly attractive sponges.

Why do they dry their lips? The cause can be sought in frequent and heavy physical exertion. Tired mental work. Perhaps it's stress, anxiety, anxiety and fatigue. Try to avoid critical situations, do not allow stress to spoil your life, rest and do yourself. Experts say that the fluoride contained in the toothpaste can cause a severe dryness of the lips. This element of the periodic table actually has dehydration properties and a little irritating to the skin. Therefore, be careful when using toothpaste, do not use it too much, so that excesses do not fall on the lips. Perhaps the appearance of irritation, dryness and cracks in the corners of the lips.

Why do they dry their lips, what else could be the reason? Do not forget about super-resistant lipsticks. They penetrate deeply into the skin, draining and pulling it together. Use them as sparingly as possible. Be sure to wash off all make-up from the face and lips before going to bed. Apply a moisturizer or mask. Never lick your lips if there is a strong wind or frost in the street.

The humidity of the sponges can be achieved with the help ofa packet of ordinary green tea. Wet it and put it on your lips for half an hour. Do you want to achieve maximum effect? Take sour cream, add to it a little of any butter, a few drops of vitamins E and A. Mix the mixture for 15-20 minutes. Wash and moisturize your lips with balm. Watch your lips, take care, make different masks. Believe me, one of the parts of the body that the men will necessarily pay attention to is your beautiful and enticing lips.

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