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Preparation "Tiamazol": instructions for use

What do you know about a preparation such as Tiamazole? Instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues and purpose of this medication will be provided below.

thiamazole instructions for use

Form of the drug, its composition and description

What is Tiamazol? The instruction, the description reads, that this agent is made in the form of round tablets covered with a white or yellowish sheath. The composition of this drug includes the eponymous active ingredient - thiamazole, as well as other excipients.

One can not help saying that this component is found in many other drugs that have similar properties.

Action of the pharmaceutical agent

What is Tiamazol? Instructions for use asserts that this antithyroid agent that is capable of disrupting the synthesis of thyroid hormones, reduce the internal secretion of T4, and also block an enzyme such as peroxidase, which is involved in iodination of thyronine to form diiodothyronine and monoiodothyronine.

It should also be noted that the active substancethis drug significantly accelerates the excretion of iodides from the thyroid gland, reduces basal metabolism, increases the secretion and reciprocal activation of the synthesis by the pituitary gland TSH.

The therapeutic effect after applying thismeans depends on the initial concentration of T4 and T3. But as a rule, the concentration of hormones in the human body is normalized after seven weeks after constant intake of the drug at a dosage of 30 mg or 28 days with 40 mg of the drug.

thiamazole instructions price

After a lapse of five days after the drug is discontinued, the concentration of hormones can again increase.

Indications for prescription of tablets

What is the purpose of using the drug "Tiamazol"? Instruction for use informs that this preparation is intended for the treatment of thyrotoxicosis (diffuse string). It is also often used in the preoperative period for the purpose of intermediate and preliminary therapy (in addition to radioiodine therapy). In addition, this medication can be prescribed for nodular goiter and relapse (postoperative) thyrotoxicosis.

Prohibitions for appointment

In what cases can not use the drug "Tiamazol"? The instruction for use states that contraindications for this drug are the following conditions:

  • high sensitivity to components;
  • period of feeding;
  • pronounced granulocytopenia or leukopenia (including in the anamnesis).

One can not help saying that with cautionthis medication is used during pregnancy, with liver failure and large goiter, especially with narrowing of the trachea (it is allowed only as a short-term treatment during the preparation for an operative intervention).

thiamazole user manual

"Tiamazol" medication: instructions for use

The composition of this drug was presented above.

How should the drug be properly used? It is prescribed only inward. The daily dosage of the drug is usually divided into 2 or 3 doses.

At the very beginning of treatment, single dosesthe drug is used at a strictly prescribed time. As for the maintenance dose of the drug, it must be taken in one step, immediately after breakfast.

Adults with thyrotoxicosis therapy giventhe medication is prescribed in an amount of 20-40 mg per day. With the euthyroid status, this dosage is gradually reduced to a maintenance dose of 5-20 mg per day (for 3-7 weeks). This drug is continued for 1-1.5 years.

Pregnant women are prescribed medication in minimum doses, that is, 2.5-10 mg.

Adverse Events

thiamazole instructions for use composition

What kind of reactions of an undesirable character can cause Tiamazol? Instructions for use indicate the following negative effects:

  • fever, nausea, severe weakness, vomiting, agranulocytosis, epigastric pain, granulocytopenia;
  • abnormal liver function, aplastic anemia, hepatitis, paresthesia, cholestatic jaundice;
  • thrombocytopenia, dizziness, hypoprothrombinemia, headache, skin itching, neuritis, urticaria, polyneuritis, rash, taste disorder;
  • pain in the joints, autoimmune insulinperiarteritis, muscle pain, edema, generalized lymphadenopathy, hyperpigmentation of the skin, sialadenopathy, lupus-like syndrome, alopecia, weight gain, nephritis, clinical and subclinical hypothyroidism.

Cost, reviews, analogues

Now you know what "Tiamazol" is. Instructions for use, the price of this medication is presented in this article.

Replace the drug in question with suchmeans, such as "Timidazole", "Antioxidant", "Danantisol", "Basolan", "Favistan", "Mercazolil", "Mercazol", "Metimazol", "Tarazol", "Methotirin", "Tikapzol" and others.

The cost of Tiamazol is about 150-180 rubles.

thiamazole instruction description

Reviews about this medicine are mainlypositive character. Patients claim that this drug manifests itself as a highly effective antithyroid agent. Its regular application positively affects the course of the disease, such as thyrotoxicosis. In addition, this remedy is often used as an additional preparation for radioiodine therapy. It also manifests itself well in nodular goiter.

The negative sides of this drug include the presence of many side effects.

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