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Why dizzy, weak, and other troubles?

At least once in a life the head, probably, was turned aroundany person. If this is a one-time phenomenon, it is rarely noticed. He sat down, waited until he passed, and forgot, at least until he again picked up. It should be remembered that if the head is dizzy, weakness breaks the body, and there are other unpleasant sensations, then all in all can be a sign of some, including a serious disease.

dizzy with headache

"Not terrible" dizziness

Let us first consider the relatively safereasons for this phenomenon. Very often it happens that if you suddenly stand up, turn over, throw your head or bend over, then your head turns dizzy. Weakness is absent or there is, but very light. This phenomenon is called positional vertigo, this is quite normal and can only indicate a slightly reduced pressure or fatigue.

The second "not terrible", and even a pleasant reason - pregnancy. With her, too, it happens that the head is spinning; weakness sometimes appears, sometimes - no, but all this is explained by physiology.

Do not be afraid and dizziness from admissiondrugs: some of them have such an effect. True, with drug dizziness is to re-read the instructions. If there is indicated such a "pobochka" - it is necessary to endure; if not, then your body reacts incorrectly to the drug, and it is worth talking about it with your doctor.

why dizzy and weak

Many people are dizzy (weakness in this case, toohappens) when traveling in a car or bus, riding on a swing and carousels. Most often this indicates an insufficiently developed vestibular apparatus, and people know for themselves such a feature.

Dizziness with weakness can be and at abusing of diets. Do not want to faint and bring yourself to hospitalization - revise your diet.

Scary signs

If the head is spinning for a long time, the weakness is strong,the pressure is high, and it is accompanied by all this twitching of the limbs, or even a faint - urgently call an ambulance. It can be a stroke, and you can not waste time.

If the head is aching and dizzy, weak, noisy in the ear, a person tears, the ears flow, the hearing falls, your doctor is lor. And you need to visit it faster, if you do not want to learn the hearing aid.

In case of increased dizziness in motion, ifwhile the neck also hurts, the gait is broken and the person is somewhat disoriented, there is a suspicion that something has happened to his neck in the region of the spine. It may be an exacerbation of osteochondrosis, but there may be something more serious, so it's worth talking to a trauma surgeon.

And the most terrible reason why the head is spinning and weakness overcomes the body is a brain tumor. At the same time, there are still increasing pains along with progressive deafness.

It hurts and makes you dizzy

What to do with dizziness

Clearly, first of all, we need to find out what they areare caused. If chronic illnesses, then treat them. To avoid hypoglycemic dizziness, you need to eat well ("vitamin" and varied). It's still good to saturate the body with iron. If dizziness predicts you a migraine attack - lie down, drink strong coffee or tea. Evening walks instead of TV on the couch - good prevention of dizziness. It will also be useful to control blood pressure, both hypertensive and hypotonic: you see that the pressure "creeps away" from the norm - take the necessary measures. And always remember: consultation of a doctor with alarming symptoms will not be superfluous!

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