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Hydrogen peroxide. Application in medicine

Hydrogen peroxide has long been used inmedicine, thanks to its deodorizing properties, the ability to stop blood and serve as a good antiseptic. This drug is used externally for cuts and injuries, that is, in cases where the skin is broken. The purpose of its use is mechanical cleaning of wounds and disinfection of the surface. Hydrogen peroxide, the use of which in medicine is the prevention of bacterial infection, is a strong oxidant that destroys pathogenic microorganisms. With the support of this drug, local immunity copes with the damage of the skin more quickly, and the wound closes faster.

Hydrogen peroxide, the use of which in medicinemainly external, are taken inside to make up the cells of the immune system with oxygen, as well as for the destruction of malignant cells and the destruction of microorganisms.

Use of this drug is only possible withinjuries or cuts. If there are no visible changes in the skin, then the excretory ducts of the sweat and sebaceous glands are burned. This will reduce the secretion of sweat and greasiness of the skin, and toxins overload the kidneys. In this case, the development of acne is likely. Can not be treated with hydrogen peroxide and lymph nodes. Treatment of a site with microdamages will not cause harm to the body.

Finds hydrogen peroxide in medicine andintravenously. When this active oxidizer is introduced directly into the blood, toxins in it are rendered harmless. This procedure is able to relieve the liver. By increasing the lumen of the coronary vessels, the incidence of angina attacks decreases.

Indications for use:

- viral infections,

- fungal diseases,

- purulent infections,

- a dysbacteriosis,

- Candidiasis,

- diseases of the heart and blood vessels,

- diseases of peripheral vessels of the brain,

- phlebeurysm,

- immunodeficiency state,

- fractures.

In chronic diseases, long-term treatment is required.

Finds hydrogen peroxide in medicine andin the treatment of the oral cavity and gums. For rinsing, a three percent solution is used. When periodontal disease is recommended, rub into the gums a solution consisting of this substance and soda. This drug is also used to eliminate bad breath and teeth whitening. Helps alternating rinses with solutions of three percent peroxide and manganese in angina. In rhinitis and sinusitis, a 1% solution is used. Apply this tool and with the lavage of the nose. It effectively helps with inflammation of the middle ear, but in this case it is injected with tampons.

Hydrogen peroxide in gynecology

This drug is used in the treatmentthrush. To cure vaginal candidiasis, it is necessary to stop the reproduction of fungi in the vagina. To do this, douching with a solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide until the symptoms of this disease is eliminated. Also, the remedy is used for disinfection purposes, in which case all mucous surfaces are carefully treated.

Use hydrogen peroxide, the medical form of which is in most cases a three percent solution, and in the form of tablets. The concentration of matter in them is ten percent.

It is used in everyday life. They bleach cotton fabrics and remove stains from colored. This preparation is useful for wiping leaves of houseplants, and also for the purpose of returning an appetizing type of salad. Use it and to enhance the action of detergents.

Hydrogen peroxide is an affordable and excellent remedy, which, when properly applied, will allow you to get rid of many diseases.

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