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Pancreatitis in children

Pancreatitis is a pancreatic diseaseThe gland, which arises as a result of tissue self-destruction under the influence of its lipolytic and activated proteolytic enzymes. These inflammatory changes in the pancreas are a response to the necrosis of her tissue.

Pancreatitis in children, as in adults, isacute or chronic. In addition, quite often in children is diagnosed and reactive pancreatitis. It represents a kind of reaction to a disease of the digestive system. The main difference from this pancreatitis is that there is a complete disappearance of such a pancreatic reaction after curing the underlying ailment.

A rare disease that occurs in theof all age groups without exception, is acute pancreatitis in children. So, it can be detected in newborns with malformations of the pancreas. This type of pancreatitis develops when general and local reactions of the organism occur in response to the pathology of the pancreas as a result of the action of its activated enzymes.

The disease is serious enough. That is why a very thorough reason to think about it is the pain in the abdomen of the child. After all, the most surprising is the fact that pancreatitis in children can appear almost on level ground. So, the causes of the occurrence may be any viral diseases (chicken pox, influenza), damage directly to the pancreas, or the pathological location of certain internal organs.

Recognize pancreatitis is not so difficult. As a rule, the child complains of a dull aching character in the upper abdomen. Often unpleasant sensations in this case may be accompanied by a disorder of the stool or vomiting. In case of a particular aggravation, the best option is the hospitalization of the child, since it is the doctor who can significantly alleviate suffering and prescribe the necessary course of treatment.

Chronic pancreatitis in children is a disease,which should be constantly monitored by a doctor. It is best to treat it at resorts that are famous for mineral springs. Children suffering from this disease, must adhere to a special diet. To consume food is necessary only in the garbled form and in small quantities.

Since this disease is constantlyworries, and rather torment, pain, then the treatment of pancreatitis in children, first of all, involves the appointment of painkillers, which are injected. After this, gradually after the improvement of the child's condition, a transition to tablets can be made.

Also, drugs that reduce secretiondirectly pancreas. And this as a result reduces the overall harmful effect on the state of the child's body. In addition, general complex traditional treatment or therapeutic exercise and so on can be prescribed.

With rare exacerbations of this ailment as aseasonal anti-relapse treatment is carried out phytotherapy in pancreatitis. As a rule, it should be carried out for 1.5 to 2 months twice a year. But if the pain is chronic, then such treatment is required almost constantly.

The main plants that are sufficienteffective in the case of this disease, are wormwood bitter and immortelle sand. Flowers immortelle can remove inflammation of the gland (pancreas), gallbladder and liver. And also to activate the secretory capacity of the liver and pancreas.

The herb wormwood is used in the formalcohol tincture or usual infusion. To do this, pour 1 tbsp. Spoon this herb with a glass of hot enough water and bring it to a boil. Boil for three to four minutes, and insist for another 45 minutes. Then you need to strain and take one or two tablespoons before meals for 15 minutes three times a day.

With chronic pancreatitis, this tincturecontributes to a significant reduction or disappearance of pain in the biliary tract and pancreas. In addition, the digestive disorder disappears, the stool is normalized, and the appetite greatly improves.

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