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If the wisdom tooth hurts what to do - the dentist will say

The wisdom tooth begins to erupt either at the endadolescence, or after 20 years. At this time, a person experiences a feeling of pain that can become unbearable. Therefore, do not oppose a visit to the dentist - contact him at the first pain signs. An experienced specialist will conduct an inspection and tell you about what needs to be done in the future. This will help avoid complications and identify abnormalities in the growth of the tooth.

The tooth begins to erupt

As you know, wisdom teeth appear the mostthe last. Usually, they are located at the end of the dentition, that's why they are called "eight" among doctors. The fact that the wisdom tooth is growing, hurts and causes a lot of inconvenience is explained by its disadvantageous position. By the time of appearance, all the free space is already occupied by other teeth, in addition, the formation of bone tissue is over. This leads to an increase in temperature, as well as to the appearance of severe pain.

About the first aid in case the wisdom tooth hurts, what to do should be remembered well: rinse with a solution prepared from half a glass of water and a calendula tincture (1 teaspoonful).

Complications of atypical wisdom tooth

If the wisdom tooth hurts, what the doctor will say after the examination. Probably, the pains are associated with complications such as:
1) the wisdom tooth is struck by caries,
2) caries has amazed teeth adjoining to it,
3) the wisdom tooth displaces, or traumatizes nearby teeth,
4) there is a development of pericoronaritis.

Even if the wisdom tooth is in its place,it can be slightly covered with a gum, forming a so-called "hood". In the case when the wisdom tooth is growing, the gum covering it hurts, be sure to consult a doctor, as pus easily forms pus, various inflammatory processes occur due to a large number of bacteria actively multiplying in a beneficial environment. So if the wisdom tooth hurts - "What if it's caries?" - do not ask yourself a question, but run to the dentist faster. In most cases, the development of caries can not be prevented, even with extremely thorough brushing of teeth.

What to do with pain?

In cases where the wisdom tooth hurts, what to do you do not know, observe the following recommendations:
1) contact your dentist,
2) do not heat a sore spot,
3) rinse.

When the doctor knows - the patient's toothache hurts,"What should I do?" - there must be an answer - "Treat". A competent specialist in all ways will try to solve the problem with inflammation, since removal is an extreme case. But still, if removal is necessary, do not be afraid, as modern means of anesthesia can stop the occurrence of any painful sensations.


Do not rule out cases where the wisdom tooth after removal hurts. This is the first sign of the onset of complications, among which the most common are:
- dry hole (absence of blood clot, necessary for the healing process, in the socket of the removed tooth),
- Paresthesia (damage to the maxillary nerve when removing the molar).

If the wisdom tooth after removal hurts, then probably the requirements for oral care have not been met:
- Do not brush your teeth, do it the next day,
- do not eat for two hours,
- give up a hot bath,
- do not heat the area from which the tooth was removed.

Doctors confirm that to remove wisdom teethneed as soon as possible. Otherwise, their roots get stronger and the process will be more complicated. Before removal, it is necessary to cure caries and other diseases, if any. In addition, the doctor should direct the patient to the x-ray of the wisdom tooth to know exactly the position of both the tooth itself and the roots.

When there is pain, which is accompanied by teething wisdom, do not delay treatment to the dentist. Otherwise, the pain can become intolerable, and the treatment will be prolonged for a long time.

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