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Exercises with an intervertebral hernia

Intervertebral hernia is a violation of the correctthe position of the nucleus of the vertebral disc, which, when displaced, presses on the nerve roots and spinal cord. In this case, the emerging pain in the back severely restricts the movement of a person.

In the treatment of hernia with thedrugs and physiotherapy apply gymnastics. Appropriate exercises with the intervertebral hernia can relieve the spine, activate the muscles and strengthen them. During training, one should avoid sudden movements and twists of the trunk, exercises on "twisting". Do not pick up a fast pace and strive in an instant to "put" the drive in place. It is very important to monitor your well-being during class. If some exercise causes discomfort, and even more pain, you must refrain from doing it.

As a rule, a set of exercisesintervertebral hernia is as follows. Extension is used to stretch the spine and reduce pain. To do this, use a wide board, one edge of which is raised 1 m above the floor. The straps are attached to the upper edge of the board. On the board you need to lie with your back or stomach, while the straps are under the armpits, fixing the shoulder girdle. Under your knees and belt, you can put a pillow. Pulling forward - lie with your belly on a support 30-40 cm high (chair or stool is suitable) so that the shoulders and pelvis hang, and the load falls partly on the knees and hands, partly on the support, and maximally relax the muscles. Stretching aside - lie on a healthy side and place a roller of such a height that it does not cause discomfort. The next exercise is to lie with your back on a flat surface and pull your socks on yourself, and try to get your chin out with your chin. Also for the spine is useful walking on all fours. To strengthen the muscles and ligaments perform slopes, shallow deflections, squats without additional burdens.

It should be noted that exercises with intervertebral hernia should be performed only in the period of remission. During the exacerbation of the disease, there can be no question of any physical exertion.

Hernia is a common disease among those whoengaged in fitness. During the remission of the disease, you can and even need to exercise, but all exercises with the intervertebral hernia should always be agreed with the doctor. The most dangerous exercises are considered to be a great burden on the spine. Therefore, one should exclude those that are performed sitting or standing. Removed and the exercises that lead to shock loading on the spine: aerobics, jumping and running, as well as plyometrics. On weight training, the load on the lumbar should be increased very slowly and carefully. In the gym all exercises with intervertebral hernia are performed lying or reclining. At the same time, they must be symmetrical - executed simultaneously with two hands or feet. It's good to use exercises with your own weight.

In addition to physical exercises, it is very usefulwill go to the pool. Swimming with the intervertebral hernia is an effective method of treatment. In the water the swimmer is in weightlessness, and all the tension on the spinal discs is removed. During the voyage, the spine does not experience such a load as when performing normal exercises. In addition, the muscles that are needed to maintain it develop well. However, not all styles are recommended for swimming, but only those in which the movements of the arms and legs are symmetrical. For example, the style of breaststroke is good.

And the last thing I want to mention: the intervertebral hernia is not a verdict. About it very soon you can forget, if you take care of yourself and take care of your health. Follow the recommendations of the attending physician, eat right, keep yourself in good physical shape and be optimistic!

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