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Pharmaceutical preparation "Bellalgin". Instructions for use

Pharmaceutical preparation "Bellalgin", instructionon application reports, is a combined drug used in gastroenterology. One tablet contains two hundred and fifty milligrams of sodium metamizole, a similar amount of benzocaine, one hundred milligrams of sodium hydrogencarbonate, fifteen milligrams of belladonna extract (thick). These active components of the drug not only complement, but also enhance the effect of each other.

The drug "Bellalgin" (instruction onapplication includes this information) produces a moderate spasmolytic effect, can slow intestinal motility, reduce acidity and secretion of gastric juice, and also provide local anesthetic and analgesic effects. The drug is effective in eliminating pain in the epigastric region (also in a hyperacid state).

Medication "Bellalgin" instructions for userecommends the use of symptomatic short-term treatment for both adolescents over fourteen and adults suffering from intestinal colic and gastralgia, concomitant hyperacid gastritis, cholelithiasis, duodenal ulcers and / or stomach ulcers, spastic colitis. It is allowed to use the agent in the complex treatment.

The drug "Bellalgin". Instructions for use, dosage

This drug is takenInward (orally). Medication "Bellallin" (tablets) should not be crushed, divided. At reception it is necessary to wash down it with a sufficient amount of pure water. It is recommended to apply the drug directly after eating. As a rule, this medication is not prescribed for long-term treatment. The duration of therapy and the optimal dosage are determined exclusively by the attending physician. Below are the averaged data:

With complaints of stomach pain, adult patients are shown one tablet at most three times a day. Do not take more than three tablets at a time and more than ten during the day.

It is noted that if the improvement of the patient's condition does not occur after three days from the beginning of treatment, he should be assigned a different scheme of therapy with the drug "Bellalgin".

Instruction for use reports thatthe considered pharmaceutical preparation can lead to the development of the following undesirable consequences: agranulocytosis (extremely rare), leukopenia, tachycardia, persistent thirst, loose stool / constipation, dryness in the oral cavity. From the central nervous system is not excluded such violations as insomnia, headaches, dizziness, overexcitation or, conversely, weakness, apathy. In addition, skin rashes, itching, hives develop on the skin.

The medication in question is notsevere malfunctioning of the liver or kidneys, glaucoma, abnormalities of the hematopoiesis system, benign prostatic hyperplasia. The drug is also contraindicated in patients younger than fourteen and pregnant women.

Strengthened toxic effect,produced by this medication, when combined with oral contraceptives, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and tricyclic antidepressants.

When an overdose shows gastric lavage, symptomatic treatment, the use of enterosorbents. Therapy should be performed under the supervision of a specialist (in a hospital).

The drug goes on sale in contour cell packs of ten pieces in each.

Do not expose the tablets to direct sunlight.

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