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His hair fell: what to do first?

In today's world, many people suffera disease called "alopecia" when the hair fell out. What to do in this situation and can you fix it? Currently, experts say that you can get rid of almost any ailment, including baldness. First you need to find out the reason for hair thinning, because in our body nothing happens just like that. All problems are only a consequence of the influence of certain factors.

Hair fell: what to do and what is the reason?

his hair fell: what should I do?

In fact, the starting point that causedalopecia, there may be various factors of an external nature, as well as a violation of metabolic processes in the body. There is a general consensus that men face the above problem much more often than women. According to numerous researches of scientists it is possible to draw an unequivocal conclusion: in one degree or another, both sexes are faced with an equal disease in equal numbers. Many ladies notice that when they sit on strict long-term diets, hair falls out heavily. The reason for such a serious side effect in the violation of the food system, tight limitations in the choice of products and, as a result, lack of vitamins and other trace elements. A similar result can lead to regular stress, often recurring depression, chronic fatigue and lack of sleep. In this rhythm, the body wears out quickly, its immune defense is significantly reduced, which weakens its ability to combat the aggressive influence of external factors. In addition, with caution and only after consulting with the doctor should take strong drugs. But in most cases, as a true cause is a violation of the hormonal background, and this applies equally to both women and men.

Hair fell: what should I do?

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To date, there are many differentprocedures and drugs that activate hair growth. Their effectiveness directly depends on the timely detection of the problem. In the early stages, you should immediately consult a specialist, then there is a chance to save the remainder of the hair. The natural question is: "When the hair falls out, which doctor will help me?" The first thing you need to make an appointment with a treating therapist or dermatologist, he will assign a set of tests, which will determine the cause by the results. If alopecia has acquired the stage of baldness, and you just now sounded the alarm, then do not give up the help of plastic surgery and cosmetology. There are special clinics offering hair transplant services. It should be noted that these operations are quite successful and can solve the problem for life.

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Hair fell: what should I do? Methods of Alternative Medicine

Serious pondering can be stopped and evenactivate hair growth using natural ingredients. For example, for a long time with its miraculous properties is famous for the juice of onion and aloe. No less effective are oil-based masks with the addition of a few drops of pepper tincture. Some experiment with mustard powder, adding vodka or sugar to it. But you should be extremely careful in the proportions, because you can get a serious scalp burn.

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