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Medication "Adjicept": instructions, indications and side effects

An effective synthetic antiseptic medicine is the medicine "Adjicept". The instruction indicates that the drug is widely used in otolaryngology and dentistry.

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Pharmacological properties

Active components causelocal anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties of the drug, which is active against many gram-positive and gram-negative microbes. In addition, the drug has an antifungal effect. The product effectively removes nasal congestion, allows to reduce pain and soften irritation in the throat. During breastfeeding and during pregnancy, the preparation "Adjicept" recommends the use of the instructions according to the indications, since the active substances do not penetrate into the systemic blood flow.

Form of issue

The drug is produced in the form of absorbabletablets, which can have a different taste (pineapple, orange, lemon, etc.). Each capsule contains 600 μg of amylmetacresol and 2,4 mg of dichlorobenzyl alcohol. These elements are active active components of the preparation "Adjicept". The instruction specifies that the medicine is issued in the form of strips, in which there are 6 tablets.

Indications for use

adhessept instructions for use

The medication is prescribed for the therapy of infectious and inflammatory pathologies of the throat, larynx and oral cavity. The medicine is used for:

  • tonsillitis;
  • inflammation of the mucous gums and mouth (including with thrush, gingivitis and aphthous stomatitis);
  • catarrh and infectious laryngitis;
  • hoarseness;
  • pharyngitis.

The medication helps with throat diseases associated with patients' professional activities. He is appointed to teachers, announcers, workers of coal, chemical industry.


Medication "Adjicept" instructions for useprohibits use when hypersensitivity to its constituent substances, which can lead to allergic manifestations. Children should be given a drug, starting from the age of five. During pregnancy and lactation, the drug is used only for medical purposes.

Medication "Adjicept": instructions for use

acryptic pills

At the initial stages of the disease with strongexpressed its signs, the drug should be taken every 2 hours for 1-2 capsules. The daily dose should not exceed 8 units of the drug. For relief of pain symptoms, children are given one tablet every four hours. With decreasing inflammation, the interval between doses is increased. In order to achieve the maximum effect, the "Adjicept" tablet needs to be resorbed until they completely dissolve. To increase the impact can be a simultaneous receipt of antiviral agents.

Side effect

Instructions and references indicate goodtolerability of the drug and adult patients, and children. With increased sensitivity, minor allergic reactions may occur. If you take too much medication, you may experience diarrhea, nausea, vomiting.

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