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Kuperoz - red blood vessels on the face

We all strive for excellence. And the desire to have a beautiful, well-groomed and healthy skin is quite natural. To do this, and created the means of cosmetology, which strengthen, nourish and cleanse our skin. Nevertheless, the beauty of our skin is affected by negative factors. And this is not only an unhealthy ecology, but also various diseases.

If the vessels on the face began to appear,redness is a couperose, the cause of which is often a violation of the skin circulation. Due to the intensive movement of blood in the vessels, they begin to expand, but connective tissues press them on the outside. After a while, the elasticity of the connective tissues, and of the vessels themselves, decreases, and the vessels on the face remain visible, remaining broadened.

Usually places of localization of couperose are locatedon the nose, cheeks and chin. On the forehead this is very rare. As additional symptoms can be called small inflammation and itching of the skin.

Vascular weakness on the face is the maincause such an unpleasant disease as couperose. This can be both a hereditary phenomenon, and a violation of the hormonal balance in the body. Vessels on the face may manifest due to excessive intake of alcohol, smoking or obesity. A sudden change in temperature can also cause them.

How to treat vessels on the face

Treatment of couperose should be delicate. It is strongly recommended to avoid such cosmetics as mask films, scrubs, creams containing fruit acid. Refuse the drugs, which contain alcohol and all kinds of fragrances (aloe, honey, cloves, mint and menthol, eucalyptus, etc.).

Using cosmetics, listen toHis feelings, carefully following the skin reaction. Gels and cream should be applied very carefully, without friction. After washing, do not rub your face with a towel; Categorically prohibited cleaning the face by hand, using all kinds of massagers.

In order to remove the vessels on the face, modern cosmetology offers several methods.


This method is considered the most popular andaccessible. The process itself is a summation with a needle current to the vessel, which destroys it. Unfortunately, this method can not cover a significant area, and traces from the introduction of the needle can remain.

Laser sclerotherapy

Using a laser, you can completely get rid ofdischarged on the face of the vessels. Duration of the course - only a few procedures, after which there is only a slight reddening of the skin, disappearing quite quickly. In the case of treatment kuperoza with a laser, the skin on the face requires additional care.


If a vascular setochka on the face, fromYou can get rid of it with the help of this, the most modern method of treatment, which is leading among other ways of fighting with couperose. With the help of light energy, intensive vascular coagulation begins, and they completely disappear.

After the vessels on the face have been removed, experts recommend adhering to several rules:

It is obligatory to use a cream with a protective complex against sunlight,

- Deep cleansing of the skin can be carried out only with preparations on a plant basis, for example, papain or bromelain,

- before starting a course of treatment with vitamins, it is advisable to consult with a doctor,

-Your face will be extremely useful cold masks from the mud,

- During the morning hygienic procedures, tone the skin of the face, alternating cold water and warm,

- Remember that the use of hot water for washing is highly contraindicated,

-making massage for the face, it is important to remember that it must be specific, with an eye on the couperose,

-can use micellar water as a means to cleanse the face,

-all cosmetic products should have sparing characteristics and they can be used every day.

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