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Several ways to combat this phenomenon, like bumps on the toes

The appearance of bumps on the toes is due toa disease caused by the deviation of the first toe of the foot, and as a result of the formation of a deformation at its base. The greater the deviation of the finger, the stronger and more painful the deformation, which can subsequently lead to restriction of movements in the phalangeal joint.

bumps on the toes

Symptoms of cones on legs

At the initial stage of bud formation on the fingerslegs can be completely painless. In the future, as a result of the progression of the deformity, the cone on the large finger along the inner edge of the foot turns red and swells, an acute pain appears in the joint region and near it. Most often, the appearance of pain is the result of pressure on the lump of tight shoes, or pain appears due to the occurrence of intra-articular pressure. As a consequence, because of acute pain, movements in the joint are limited.

The causes of cones on toes

As a rule, bumps on the toes appear as a result of wearing a narrow model and too stiff shoes. This explains the wide spread of the disease among the female population.

how to remove bumps on toes

As a result of the studies,it is found that, in addition to shoes, there are other factors that affect the appearance of cones on the legs, but the primacy remains for shoes. The appearance of the cone on the fingers signals the disturbance of the biomechanics of the foot and is a consequence of interrelated factors: the manner of walking, shoes and hereditary predisposition. The cause may also be various injuries or neuromuscular disorders. In people with flat feet or increased pronation of the foot, a higher propensity to instability and, accordingly, a higher probability of appearance on the foot of the stone.

How to remove bumps on toes

The only way to get rid of cones islarge toes are considered surgical intervention. But there are a number of more conservative methods of treatment. They consist, first of all, in reducing the pressure on the inflamed area and reducing the pain syndrome. The reduction of symptoms and increased motor capacity is facilitated by physiotherapy. It is most useful if the pain is caused by physiological changes in the foot.

bumps on the fingers
The correct distribution of the load on the foot inThe time of walking and running is promoted by individual orthopedic insoles. In addition, they are a means of preventing recurrent deformities of the foot after surgical correction. Do not worry if surgery can not be avoided. The achievements of modern orthopedic surgery to a minimum reduce the duration of the recovery period.

Observance of the following rules will help to forget what the bumps on the toes are:

  1. It is necessary to strictly follow the advice of an orthopedic doctor.
  2. To reduce pressure on the painful area, use felt pads.
  3. Wear wide enough and deep shoes. Do not wear high-heeled shoes.
  4. To increase the mobility of the articular region, regularly perform special exercises.
  5. In order to bring the thumbs on the legs to the correct position and reduce the symptoms of the disease, it is necessary to wear special night tires.

In order to avoid complications and aggravation of the disease, it should be remembered that timely access to a doctor will greatly simplify the situation.

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