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Means Espumizan. Drug analogues

In the first months of a child's lifeadaptation of his organism to an environment unfamiliar to him. This world is not at all like the one in which he was during pregnancy. The main problem faced by parents is the colic in the tummy of a baby. The child cries and behaves restlessly. Simple advice how to ease this condition does not always help. Therefore it is necessary to resort to the help of medicines. Many parents use the "Espumizan" remedy. Analogs of this drug are also very effective.

Medication can be used to treat unpleasantsensations in the tummy in babies from the first day of life. Usually within a year there is an adaptation, and then the organism of the kid adapts to unusual food for it.

The use of Espumizan helps reduce gas production. Its advantage is the absence of side effects.

But what if the medicine "Espumizan" can not be taken for some reason? Analogues will help to solve this problem.

Previously, as an effective tool forControl of colic in infants used dill water. She also helped to cope with gas generation. Today, there are modern methods for solving this problem. The drug "Plantex" is a natural remedy based on plant components. It contains fennel, which has a positive effect on the digestive tract and reduces gas production. It is absolutely harmless for the baby. It can be used as a drink between feedings.

Many parents think that it is better -"Espumizan" or "Plantex"? Here the choice depends only on your preferences and on the effect of the drugs. Both do not do any harm to the baby's body. "Plantex" medication can be used as an aid or for the prevention of gas generation. Medication "Espumizan" is suitable for eliminating the existing disease. It must be taken until the problem disappears. In this case, the drug Espumizan is more effective.

Analogues usually have a lower cost, but the effectiveness of the impact they are equivalent.

Among similar drugs can be identified andmedicament "Subsimplex". It contains the active ingredient Semiticon, which is also present in the preparation Espumizan. This substance has an effect on gas bubbles in the intestines, which leads to a decrease in their action and a gradual withdrawal from the body. This drug is added in the specified proportions during feeding into the milk mixture (or milk), or the child is given a drink from the spoon. His contraindications are few. This is an individual drug intolerance and intestinal obstruction.

Which means better - "Subsimplex" or "Espumizan"? Both these preparations are identical to each other. Therefore, everything depends on their value or personal preferences.

The use of these drugs is necessary in the firstmonths of a child's life. This facilitates not only the state of the baby, but also helps the parents. These medications must be in the medicine cabinet, which is designed for the child.

It should be noted that these drugs can betake not only kids, but also adults. The difference is only in the dosage and frequency of admission. When buying the "Espomizan" means, please inquire, for what age category it is intended.

In addition to using drugs that reducegas education, nursing mothers must follow a certain diet. It is necessary to minimize to the extent possible the use of products that can cause colic in the tummy of a child. These include legumes, cabbage in any form, apples, bananas, sweets, chocolate, as well as a large number of fried, smoked and salty foods.

Observing all the advice and using Espumizan, analogs and other drugs that reduce gas production, it is possible to facilitate the adaptation of the child to the outside world.

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