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Why does my finger grow dumb? We'll find out!

Some fairly common symptomscan be evidence of a wide variety of diseases. This concerns fairly well-known changes in the human body, such as, for example, headache, fever, or changes in blood pressure. One of these symptoms is loss of sensitivity to the limbs. Therefore, it is extremely important in time to find out why the toe is numb. Even such a seemingly insignificant phenomenon can become a signal of disaster.

Dumb toes causes treatment

Why does my finger grow dumb?

The causes of such unpleasant sensations can be the following pathologies:

1. Raynaud's disease. With this diagnosis, a characteristic symptom is a violation of blood circulation in small vessels, which are so rich, in particular, limbs.

2. Diabetes. Because of the increase in the amount of sugar in the blood vessels can be injured, and the blood supply will be disturbed, after which the fingers may well lose sensitivity, up to gangrene in some particularly severe cases.

3. Atherosclerosis. Because of the occurrence of cholesterol plaques, which is famous for this disease, the blood can go badly to the lower limbs, and the first to become numb with the tips of the toes.

4. Obliterating endarteritis. The course of this disease is characterized by blockage of the arteries, and, as a consequence, loss of sensitivity by the limbs.


why does my finger grow dumb
All these diseases are extremely serious andrequire a comprehensive examination, diagnosis, treatment, and the exact implementation of all prescriptions of the doctor. But to whom of the specialists should be treated, if the toes grow numb? The causes, treatment, possible consequences of this symptom can be determined by many specialists. But you should start with the therapist, and he, on the basis of a survey of the patient and the initial examination, will say to whom it is better to go further - to the phlebologist, endocrinologist or neurologist.

In fact, in addition to the above pathologies,the phenomenon we are considering can be evidence of problems with the nervous system. So, one of the reasons why the finger on the leg is numb, can serve as an osteochondrosis in the lumbar spine. With this disease, deformed discs are able to squeeze the nerve endings, and, as a consequence, disrupt the peripheral circulation. Despite the apparent distance of the toes from the spinal column, they suffer in the first place.

Commonplace problems

But sometimes you should not immediately seek an answer to the question about numbness of the lower extremities in one of the sections of the medical guide.

the tips of one's toes numb
Quite often, unpleasant sensations are explainedquite simply. So, the cause of why the finger on the leg is numb may be a banal prolonged immobility of the person, an uncomfortable pose or excessive weight (when the lower limbs are under the weight for a long time). In addition, you can lose the sensitivity of your legs during a deep sleep, and also when you sit in one position for a long time (especially by tucking your leg under yourself), and your body weight presses on it. So, before making assumptions about a possible diagnosis, check to see if you spent a lot of time in one pose, and whether your position prevents blood supply to the lower body.

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