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What are flat-footed feet in children and how to treat them

Ploskovolgusnye feet at children is a pathology,which recently began to meet more and more often. It is in the weak development of the muscles of the baby's feet. As a rule, this manifests itself at the moment when the child begins to take his first steps, and the weakened ligaments of the foot are unable to withstand the weight of the body.

Signs of pathology

flat-footed feet in children

Ploskovolgusnye feet in children are characterized by the appearance of the following factors:

  • the longitudinal arches of the foot tighten, the fingers and calcaneus begin to "look" outward, and the middle deepens inward, and if you connect the feet of the baby, they will resemble the letter "x";
  • a child after a long walk may experience pain in the feet;
  • swelling of the foot in the evening;
  • there is a slight form of clubfoot.

Causes of pathology

flat valgus feet in children

Ploskovolgusnye feet in children can be formed due to:

  • pneumonia;
  • rickets in the baby;
  • respiratory diseases;
  • hereditary factors.

Flat-valgus feet in children; treatment

Each mother, if any of the above signs of the presence of this disease is found in her child, should consult an orthopedist and a neurologist. Treatment of this pathology is as follows:

  • Massage. It is one of the most important methods of fighting this disease. It has a beneficial effect on muscle tone, it helps to normalize the child's movements. But just do not try to perform it yourself - this kind of procedure should be done by a specialist.

  • Physical culture of a medical nature. This is the performance of special exercises, which, just like massage, have a positive effect on muscle tone. Perform exercises can be both in the home and in the direction of the children's clinic under the supervision of a specialist.

  • Physiotherapeutic procedures, which consist in the action of an electric current of the necessary frequency on the muscles of the foot.

To achieve the best results, appointimmediately all ways of treating this pathology. With the right combination of rehabilitation measures, there will be positive dynamics. Only the use of all the recommended methods of therapy will help to cope with such a problem as flat-footed feet. In addition, it is also possible to prevent such an ailment as a flatfoot in a child. Well, practically the most important method of treatment is wearing a special orthopedic shoe, which has a firm back and good insteps. You can also purchase special insoles that help to correct the tilt of the foot.

flat feet of a child

Flat-footed feet in children: how to avoid

  • Do not put the baby on the legs until he does it himself. Up to 8 months the child has very poorly developed ankle and foot muscles.
  • Take appropriate measures in the prevention of rickets.
  • To pass planned inspections of doctors.
  • Perform courses not only therapeutic, but also preventive massage.
  • To buy high-quality orthopedic footwear, which should be with rigid side parts and backs, as well as with a good and tight arch support.
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