/ How is bone marrow biopsy? Purpose of the procedure

How is trepanobiopsy of the bone marrow? Purpose of the procedure

Trepanobiopsy of the bone marrow is one of the techniques for obtaining a sample of red bone marrow for determining possible blood diseases.

A few introductory words about the procedure

During this procedure, there isthe possibility of obtaining a small amount of red bone marrow for carrying out histological studies. Such a liquid can provide extensive information about the possibilities of the spinal cord to produce blood cells.

bone marrow biopsy

This procedure is very similar to a puncture, howeverits advantage lies in the possibility of obtaining more extensive and accurate information. Trepanobiopsy of the bone marrow allows you to take not only blood cells, but also stroma.

What is bone marrow

Red bone marrow is prettyA soft tissue in which blood cells are formed. These include leukocytes, platelets and red blood cells. This type of brain is in the cavity of the bones themselves.

The main component of the bone marrow is the stroma, which is a kind of stem cells. They can both be at rest and participate in the formation of new structures.

Note that in young children, bonethe brain is found in almost all bones and only with age moves to the largest tubular and flat bones. As a result of aging, this organ is filled with a yellow substance that does not participate in the formation of new blood cells.

The main indications for the procedure

Trepanobiopsy of the bone marrow - the procedure is not the most frequent, but still quite popular. It is carried out in such cases:

  • a general blood test showed significant changes;
  • the patient has seen a severe form of anemia, which is not amenable to the usual methods of treatment;

trepanobiopsy bone marrow reviews

  • in the blood, too much hemoglobin and erythrocytes are seen;
  • increased or, conversely, a low content of erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelets in the blood.

How to diagnose diseases associated with impaired blood functions

A procedure such as bone marrow biopsy can be prescribed if the patient has such symptoms:

  • excessive sweating, constant elevated body temperature, global decrease or weight gain, frequent infections, infectious diseases, a significant increase in lymph nodes;
  • before the chemotherapy, and after the completion of this procedure;
  • a sharp increase or decrease in some substances in the human body;
  • the patient has diseases - histiocytosis;
  • formation of tumors in the bone marrow.

Advantages of the procedure

This technique is very informative, sohow to read a lot of information. Before it there is no need to carry out certain training, since it is fairly simple to perform and has practically no restrictions for carrying out.


Such a procedure as trepanobiopsy of bonebrain, reviews about which you can read in this article, it is considered absolutely safe, therefore does not have strict contraindications to the implementation. However, there are some non-strict restrictions, in the presence of which the procedure still should be abandoned:

histological examination bone marrow biopsy

  • old age; in this case, trepanobiopsy will not show ideal results, and the patient is expected to suffer long moral torments;
  • it should be borne in mind that the procedure itself will not have any effect on the treatment, and the quality of life will not improve;
  • It is not necessary to do the procedure, if there is inflammation in place for the injection;
  • with special care should be taken to the presence of diseases such as diabetes mellitus and severe heart failure;
  • there is no possibility to lie on the stomach. For example, with obesity or various diseases of the spine. However, in this case, the injection can be done and sitting, but only a very experienced doctor can do this;
  • the patient himself can refuse to conduct the procedure for personal reasons.

Preparation for the procedure

Histological study "trepanobiopsybone marrow "still requires a little preparation for the procedure. To do this, first you need to give a general blood test and check its coagulability.

Each patient should inform the doctor about allergy to certain medicines, and also to tell about the presence of known diseases. This will help to transfer the procedure of anesthesia more easily.

how bone marrow biopsy is performed

Tell us about the presence of osteoporosis, as well as about previous surgical interventions.

In the morning before the procedure, doctors are advised to eat a small and light breakfast.

How bone marrow biopsy is performed

The procedure takes no more than half an hour. If the injection is done to a man, then if there is a large amount of hair on the area being punctured, the skin is shaved. After that, the patient is given painkillers and sedatives. If desired, the patient can be given an injection under general anesthesia.

The ideal position for the procedure - lying on your stomach or on your side. But it is possible to do this while sitting. Everything depends on the patient himself and on the experience of the doctor.

shows trepanobiopsy of the bone marrow

Now we need to find the optimal puncture site,disinfect skin and inject anesthetic. After a few minutes, the sensitivity of the skin is checked. If everything goes well, then with a special needle, very soft rotational movements penetrate into the ileum cavity.

During this procedure, a small amount of bone marrow is taken (about one to two milliliters). After that, the needle is removed, and the punctured site is disinfected.

Trepanobiopsy of the bone marrow (why do youyou can read in this article) can be conducted not only in the dispensary, but also during hospitalization. An hour later the patient will be ready to go home. However, doctors strongly do not recommend yourself to drive. It is best to go to the hospital with a relative or friend.

bone marrow biopsy

Please note that after this operationYou can not take a bath and soak the punctured place for at least three days. Usually the results of the procedure can be found in a few hours. But if the material is examined elsewhere, this period can last up to a month.

Reviews of patients and doctors about the procedure

What shows bone marrow trepanobiopsy,can be read in this article. According to the patients' feedback, this procedure, despite pain medications, is painful enough, but always shows the exact results. Be sure to take into account that there is a risk of infection, so unconditionally follow all the recommendations of the doctor. Especially it concerns children. The procedure is quite safe, but extra safety measures have not harmed anyone yet.

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