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Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Treatment, Causes, Symptoms

Irritable bowel syndrome, treatment which can be called mandatory, isquite an unpleasant disease, since it does not allow a person to eat normally and is accompanied by painful sensations. Manifest pathology can at any age. It all depends on how sensitive the intestine is.

irritable bowel syndrome symptoms treatment
If you have an irritable syndromeintestines, the causes of its appearance, if they are established correctly, will help to prescribe the right treatment. They can include a stressful state, an incorrect functioning of the nervous system, inflammatory processes of the digestive tract, infection. The disease leads to malnutrition, pathology of other organs.

If you have found irritable syndromeintestines, treatment should be prescribed only after a thorough examination and consideration of all symptoms. And for the first time they can appear after any psychotraumatic situation or after poisoning. A fairly important role in the appearance and development of the disease is played by genetic predisposition. Signs of pathology can be pain in the abdomen, a feeling of swelling and heaviness in the stomach. It can not be said that an unpleasant feeling appears in a certain area of ​​the intestine. Each time you can feel pain in different areas of the abdomen. The intensity and intensity of the symptoms can vary throughout the day. In addition, you may experience changes in the thickness and frequency of the stool.

irritable bowel syndrome
If you have an irritated syndromethe doctor must prescribe the treatment. To begin with, be sure to undergo a thorough examination. It includes palpation of the patient's stomach, as well as various methods of intrasternal examination (ultrasound).

If you have an irritable syndromeintestines (symptoms), treatment of this disease must begin immediately. This will allow you to quickly and effectively eliminate the pathology. There is nothing complicated in the treatment of this disease. If in the emergence of pathology the psychotraumatic situations are to blame, then it is necessary to eliminate them. Sometimes it is difficult to do this without the help of a specialist. Also, you need to make a certain diet according to the doctor's recommendations and adhere to the established diet.

irritable bowel syndrome
It is desirable to eat in small portions more thantwice a day. Do not overload and so inflamed the stomach. The foods that you will consume must contain food fibers to the maximum. If a dish only increases the symptoms of the disease, try to exclude it from the diet. Do not get confused in the diet will help you a kind of diary in which you will write down your feelings after eating this or that product.

If you have irritable syndromeintestines, treatment provides for drug restoration of the gastrointestinal flora. With the help of medicines prescribed by the doctor, you can restore the functioning of the stomach, and the symptoms of the disease will become less pronounced.

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