/ There was an inflammation on the face. Solve the problem.

There was inflammation on the face. Solve the problem.

Ugly defects on the skin of the face, such as acne,black dots, peeling and inflammation, can spoil the mood even the biggest optimist. Instead of joy, the owner of such skin already from the very morning is discouraged, only looking in the mirror. Attempts to camouflage by means of various tonal means begin, which only aggravate the created situation. So how to remove inflammation on the face and where to start?

In no case do we fall into despair, andwe begin to act in the most urgent manner. To begin with we will find out the reasons of occurrence of such unpleasant problem, as an inflammation on the face. Our skin is a reflection of the mental and physical state of the body. Inflammation on the face can appear and due to any changes in climatic conditions, sudden temperature changes, dry air, insufficient or improper skin care. Perhaps this was the result of the constant use of a large number of cosmetics. But the most basic reasons are frequent stresses and a wrong diet. If the diet is not balanced, the harmful substances begin to stagnate in the intestines and from there are absorbed into the blood, forming acne, irritation and inflammation on the face.

How to remove redness and start to look after properlyfor the skin? It becomes clear that the beginning of withdrawal should be with a change in diet. To cleanse the bowels, drink in the morning on an empty stomach a glass of water, you can slightly salted. Well restore the microflora drunk an hour after this glass of yogurt. It is not recommended to use products containing alcohol. Irritated skin requires a particularly gentle attitude and care, so it is better not to use soap for washing, but use softer products (foams, milk). Take yourself for the rule of at least an hour before going out to put on the skin protective cream. This will help prevent inflammation on the face.

How to remove the redness? The best means to combat this problem will be various herbs, ointments and creams. On herbs, you can make steam baths, perfectly removing inflammation on the face. Perfectly soothes skin hops. Take a wide enamelware, pour one or two tablespoons of hop into it, pour boiling water over it and substitute a face for therapeutic couples. From above, be sure to cover with a large towel so that the pairs act only on the face. Dry skin lasts for three minutes. Oily skin can breathe healing couples for up to ten minutes. Use a healing cream. It will have the most beneficial effect after such a procedure. Perfectly removes inflammation on the face of compresses from parsley. This is one of the best means for the skin, cleansing, soothing and relieving redness. Pour a decoction of parsley gauze napkin on your face and leave for twenty or thirty minutes. After such procedure it is possible not to wash. An excellent anti-inflammatory action is a compress made from the broth of hop cones. Widely used to remove inflammation of the mask from various types of clay, but the best can be called blue. Dissolve it with clean water and apply on face for fifteen minutes. Rinse with warm water. Apply a healing cream.

How to remove the inflammation on the face, we have already found out, andnow a few tips on "what to do to prevent inflammation." Try to get rid of the bad habit of touching the face during the day, the more anything you put on it. Do not use makeup at least when you are at home. All creams, lotions and tonics should be anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. If you apply night cream, do it in advance and remove excess with a napkin. Change bed linen often. Smaller squeeze pets and do not put them on your pillow. Take vitamins, eat fruits and go to fresh air as often as possible. Avoid strong drinks, cigarette smoke, coffee and black tea. It is better to replace them with juices, only natural, and green tea.

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