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Return of household appliances: the rules. Consumer Rights

Suppliers of household appliances are looking to expandassortment, support of optimum properties of sold production and formation of attractive prices for the end user. But not always customers are satisfied with the quality of the received goods. It is almost impossible to fully insure against the purchase of defective products, but in case of detection, the buyer can make a return. To do this, you should familiarize yourself with the procedure by which household appliances are returned, rules and nuances of protection of this right.

return of household appliances

General return policy

Regardless of the reasons for which it was accepteddecision to return the equipment, the buyer must have a directly purchased item, accompanied checks and a passport. Return home appliances can only be fully equipped, with packaging and in its original form without signs of repair and operation. It's important to save and check for a refund. It can not be said that without them the procedure will become impossible, but the availability of this document will facilitate the confirmation of the very fact of the purchase. Also, the rules for the return of household appliances provide for the conclusion of a return contract. When performing this operation, you can not do without a passport at the hands of the buyer.

Return of a substandard product

Most cases of return of household appliancesare motivated by its unsatisfactory quality. In such a situation, it is necessary to attach to the abovementioned documents an application in which specific claims to the technical state of the goods will be indicated. But it is important to consider two points. First, there is the concept of complex home appliances.

repair of household appliances

If we consider the situation with a qualitativegoods, then this definition will fall almost all the equipment used in the household - from electric razor to air conditioner and refrigerator. And in this case, the return of household appliances will be impossible, since it corresponds to consumer qualities. However, in the situation with low-quality products, the list will be slightly changed. For example, if computer hardware can be returned as technically complex, then a video camera can not be. The second aspect is precisely the qualification of a quality and substandard product. This is worth talking about separately.

What is meant by a defective product?

According to Article 18 of the Consumer Rights Law,the buyer can make a return if there are any defects or deficiencies in the household appliances. This can be even minor technical defects or malfunctions. If there are significant shortcomings, you can rely on the terms of the guarantee, which prescribes the performance of certain duties in cases with a particular marriage. This may not necessarily be a refund or replacement. Often the realizing company undertakes to repair household appliances in which faults have been found.

rules for the return of household appliances

Another option for compensating for marriage is a markdown. Certain shortcomings in technology cause a reduction in its cost. And at the time of sale, the marriage can not be detected by the implementor, so the markdown is introduced after the buyer has applied for a refund.

Is it possible to return serviceable equipment?

The rules do not deprive purchasers of household appliancesthe possibility of its return even if it is completely serviceable and working. But for this you need to fulfill several conditions. First, the subject should not have obvious signs of exploitation. The products must have a presentation. Secondly, you can perform such a return of household appliances within 14 days and not later. This is the standard period for the return of goods, the rationale for which may be a discrepancy with the expectations of the user for certain characteristics.

warranty on household appliances
In this case, it can be a miscalculation indimensions, for example, a refrigerator or a plate. If we are talking about an air conditioner, then the reason for a return may be a too slow rate of change in the temperature regime, which is difficult to calculate before direct use.

What technique can not be returned?

There is a group of goods that is not subject toReturn, if no marriage was found. Representatives of this category also refer to complex household appliances. First of all, this restriction on return applies to metal cutting and woodworking machines. This is not professional, but household equipment, which has average power indicators. In the case of radio electronic equipment, computational and duplicating equipment, the consumer's rights in question also do not apply. Return of household appliances in such situations is possible only if a fault is detected, the occurrence of which is not related to the user's actions.

Rules of warranty repair

In Article 20 of the Law on the Rights of Consumersit is said that the buyer in the event of termination of the operability of the acquired equipment can expect to carry out repairs, which can last no more than 45 days. And even after the expiry of the warranty period, the user can demand a free repair. But for this, he will have to prove that the defect that caused the malfunction occurred before the purchase of the goods. With regard to the validity of this right, they are established by technical documentation - this is directly the period of operation.

return of household appliances within 14 days

If in the documentation such a period is not specified, thenby default it will be 10 years. Moreover, the guarantee for household appliances is also included in this period. For the period of repair, the seller must provide the buyer a similar product as a replacement. If it is a question of the large-sized engineering, works on delivery, loading and unloading are made free of charge. However, the replacement of goods for the period of repair work does not concern small household appliances, which include electric razors, hairdryers, electric kettles, etc.

In what terms is the return of household appliances?

As established by the rules, a return can be made.exercise within 15 days. During this time, the buyer can refuse the purchased defective product or demand a replacement for a similar one. However, after the expiration of this period, the rights of the buyer are limited only by the terms of the guarantee. For example, in this case, it will be possible to repair household appliances or replace it if the defect can not be rectified. Also, as an option, buyers are sometimes offered discount conditions corresponding to the malfunction.


Consumer rights are regularly updated andare supplemented. The law is edited taking into account new conditions for the organization of sales, operation and maintenance of household appliances. But also the law protects the rights of sellers who sell goods. Still, the right to return has many limitations and nuances, which should be taken into account even before the purchase. For example, the status of the goods at the time of sale matters.

consumer rights return of household appliances

In the case of the original purchase with a markdown, a returnhousehold appliances will not be possible, since a decrease in the cost itself presumes accounting for the defect. On the other hand, in the same situation, the right to replace or return a good product will act if it does not fit its characteristics. And the return will be possible only if the seller does not have a similar model, but there will be another with the appropriate parameters.

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