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Eternal professions - cook and janitor, or How to save life in the workplace: instructions on labor protection

instructions on labor protection
Labor protection is the legislative provisionsafety of the employee provided that he fulfills all the conditions prescribed in the instruction on labor protection. Of course, intuitively, a person understands that some things in the workplace can not be done. For example, put hot coffee next to the computer keyboard, or, what's good, grab with your bare hands for a lathe. However, there are a number of points to which it is almost impossible to think independently. This happens even in such seemingly understandable professions as a janitor and a cook. We'll talk about them today.

Manual for labor protection for the caretaker

instructions for labor protection for cooks
Each of us knows who the janitor is. Often we see it in winter and summer in a special form, with a broom or a broom on the streets of the city and near the porches. A priori, we know that he has his own lodge with attributes for cleaning and, perhaps, even a street form. It seems that it is important to know that any worker knows about the uniform and overalls, absenteeism and careful attitude to the inventory. It would seem, for such, sorry, primitive work, instructions on labor protection are not needed. But this is not so. With inventory, especially with tools for cleaning, such as choppers and rakes, also need to be handled carefully. This work has its own characteristics, which can not be ignored. To the note: very few people know that the instructions on labor protection for the janitor oblige them to take direct part in the evacuation of people, extinguishing fires in the event of emergency.

It should be noted that not all housing and communal services(housing and communal services) provide janitors with everything necessary: ​​often janitors not only do not have the whole form, but they also use broken equipment. Which leads to injuries. In this regard, the caretaker is required to comply with certain instructions for labor protection and safety during work, namely:
- use only the working tool;
- always wear a uniform for work;
- use ladders only as a last resort and with insurance;
- To clean glass and other dangerous garbage exclusively with a broom;
- In the event of the slightest injury, contact a medical center.

Instructions for labor protection for cooks

instructions for labor protection for the caretaker
The cook, in the opinion of the townsfolk, is practicallyalways a full man with a hat on his head and a stained apron. Moreover, we present him as a hulking, merry fellow. It is necessary to drop all prejudices. The work of a cook is not a game or a game. In his work, it is necessary to strictly, strictly observe all the rules of labor protection. So, here are the main, key moments of its safety at work:
- do everything yourself, only if the help of outsiders is not provided for by the statute of your kitchen;
- tools used for their intended purpose, only those that are in working order;
- keep the kitchen clean, spilled immediately wipe, excluding the possibility of falling;
- always use protective clothing: gloves, apron and hat;
- Handle the knife with care: use only serviceable tools, use gently, cut away from yourself, keep at the end of work in a special place;
- use the kitchen equipment taking into account the technical instructions of the manufacturer;
- Do not clutter up the aisles, do not sit in the wrong place.

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