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How to get Israeli citizenship? Methods and procedure for obtaining

To date, many Russians do not likequality of life at home, so they are looking for all kinds of ways to move to permanent residence and obtain citizenship in other, more prosperous states. Israel attracts immigrants from around the world with its economic stability, living standards and comfortable climatic conditions. How to obtain citizenship of Israel to a Russian citizen? What are the advantages of Israeli citizenship?

citizenship of Israel

Pros and cons of citizenship and life in Israel

First of all, the status of a citizenthe holder of the right to reside in Israel throughout the year continuously. It also allows you to visit many countries without a visa, for example, Western European countries.

Among the advantages of life in this country can be identified:

  • stability of the economy;
  • high quality of medical care;
  • developed social security system;
  • warm climate.

Among the shortcomings noted:

  • the instability of the political situation;
  • limited supply of fresh water;
  • high population density;
  • the overestimated cost of food.

Ways to obtain Israeli citizenship

The citizenship of Israel how to get a Russian? There are 3 ways:

  • marriage with a citizen of that country;
  • repatriation;
  • naturalization.

Now let us dwell in detail on each of them.

how to obtain Israeli citizenship

Marriage with an Israeli citizen

You can obtain citizenship of Israel to a Russian citizenby marrying a citizen of that state. In 1999, the Government of Israel amended the law, according to which foreigners who marry Jews receive the right to register citizenship. In this case, the scheme for obtaining it is as follows:

  1. The applicant prepares a working semi-annual visa.
  2. A visa is issued for temporary residence in the country.
  3. Applying for Israeli citizenship.

A temporary residence visa is a residence permit. It is valid for 4 years. During this period, the authorities of Israel are convinced of the seriousness of the intentions of foreigners to create a family with citizens of this country. If a fictitious marriage is found, a foreigner can be deported from the country.

It is important to note that Israel's citizenship can beget those spouses of citizens of a given country who are with them in a civil marriage. You can obtain citizenship after 7 years in Israel. However, after submitting an application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the spouses must prove the validity of the relationship, which takes several months. As supporting documents, air tickets, bank accounts, joint photos and so forth are suitable.

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How to get Israeli citizenship from a Jew to Russia? The most efficient option in this case is repatriation - for citizenship on the basis of nationality. This procedure is regulated by the law "On Return".

To register citizenship, the applicant applies to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel and presents:

  • passport;
  • certificate of birth and marriage;
  • certificates and diplomas of education;
  • work record book;
  • certificate from the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • documents on family ties with Israeli citizens.

If the applicant is a Jew up to 3 knees in the pedigree, the process of registering citizenship is as quick as possible.

After submitting documents, the applicant passes a consular check-up along with all members of his family.

how to obtain Israeli citizenship from a Jew to Russia


How to obtain citizenship of Israel to a Russian,who is not a Jew? This can be done through naturalization - the process of obtaining citizenship by a foreigner of non-Jewish origin. Registration is carried out in stages. Get the status of a citizen can be with continued living in Israel for the last 5 years.

The main conditions for the registration of citizenship are:

  • presence of a valid residence permit;
  • majority of the applicant;
  • lack of citizenship of another state.

More chances to get a citizen status arepersons with knowledge of Hebrew, as well as financially independent and owners of property objects. The decision is made by the representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel in each case individually.

Labor and business immigration

Israel's citizenship how to get other ways? Get an Israeli passport can be officially employed by foreigners and businessmen.

Acquiring citizenship through employment -the process is quite long. First, the foreigner is issued an annual working visa through the employer, after which it must be regularly renewed. After 5 years of legal stay on a visa, a foreigner can apply for registration of citizenship in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country. Priority in the consideration of applications is given to specialists in demanded professions.

Businessmen and investors do not have the opportunityto obtain citizenship. The matter is that this sphere is under the strict control of the state, and foreign businessmen can be issued only a visa. No matter how unique a business project may be, it will not be possible to formalize citizenship with its help.

how to obtain citizenship of Israel to a Russian citizen

Can I get Israeli citizenship for treatment?

It's no secret that many of our compatriotsare sent to Israel for treatment. But is it possible to obtain Israeli citizenship in this case? It turns out that for the course of treatment and rehabilitation, Russians can obtain a residence permit, which can later be extended.

Consular inspection

How to obtain the citizenship of Israel, we have already considered. Now we will dwell in more detail on the procedure for consular inspection, which is carried out during repatriation.

The most common and simplestThe method of obtaining Israeli citizenship is to apply to the consulate of that state. After the preparation of all necessary documentation, applicants pass a consular check-up at the Israeli Embassy in Moscow, which consists of two interviews. The procedure should be attended by all family members who move to Israel, including children.

At the first interview, applicants meet withConsul, provide for review all the prepared documents and learn all the subtleties of the procedure for registering citizenship. If a positive decision has been taken with respect to the applicants, they need to visit the embassy for the second time to arrange a repatriation visa. It lasts no more than six months, but can be extended. After registration of this document, you can choose the day of your arrival in Israel.

It is important to note that repatriated citizensare at the disposal of the Israeli authorities. Air tickets can be purchased both independently and through the agency "Sokhnut", which deals with the maintenance and resettlement of repatriates. Upon arrival to Israel, new citizens will be met by employees of the Ministry of Absorption who issue ID cards, cash funds, and a SIM card for negotiations around the country. Immigrants leave the airport by taxi, which is also paid from the state budget.

how to obtain dual citizenship russia israel

Double citizenship

The Government of Israel does not prohibit itscitizens have the citizenship of another country. A large number of citizens of the republics of the former Soviet Union have long had a second Israeli citizenship and a Teudat Maavar card that can be used for traveling around the world. How to obtain dual citizenship (Russia-Israel)? The procedure is no different from the algorithm described above. But it should be remembered that it is not necessary to refuse Russian citizenship. The Israeli authorities will not insist on this.

Can they refuse to grant citizenship?

So, the citizenship of Israel how to get, we have already examined in detail. But are there situations when the country's immigration authorities refuse to grant citizenship to a foreign citizen?

It turns out that cases of refusal are relatively common. There may be several reasons for this. Here are the most common of them:

  1. When establishing the applicant's nationality, problems arose. For example, the applicant did not present all the documents confirming the relationship with the Jews, or whether their credibility had caused doubts by the consul.
  2. Presence of repaid or outstanding conviction, criminal prosecution at home.
  3. The Consul established the fact that the applicant had adopted a religion different from Judaism.

Also, spouses of Israeli citizens who married with them may be denied shortly before applying to the Interior Ministry.

how to obtain citizenship of Israel to a Russian

The citizenship of Israel how to get a Russian? To issue an Israeli passport, you need to contact the Israeli Embassy in Russia or the local Ministry of Internal Affairs during your stay in the country. Get citizenship can both Russians with Jewish origin, and without it.

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